Church Women United join in support

WARREN — With the theme “The Time is Now, Resolve to Love,” members of Church Women United of Trumbull County gathered in unity for the annual World Community Day.

The event was held at Central Christian Church in Warren.

Charlotte Jessep of Central Christian said the women read scripture, sang and shared stories about the message of unity and diversity, and prayed for global peace and justice.

Jessep said women of faith representing 15 Warren area churches reached beyond denominations to come together to support one another.

“I feel that what we did seemed to bring the overall theme to life with all of us coming together and being supportive and respecting others. The day has women worldwide resolving to love our neighbors and strive for a world of peace,” she said.

The group also gathers each spring for the May Friendship Day and will take part in World Day of Prayer in March at the Salvation Army in Warren.

Pastor Marc Runyan of Central Christian said, “Beside being our Lord and Savior, Jesus has an awe-inspiring capacity to crash through social, political, gender, economic, religious and racial barriers that normally keep people separated from one another.”

Runyan said, “Jesus was an amazing guy who broke through those barriers in order to fulfill his mission of bringing God’s love to hurting people.”

He said at a time when many churches are seeing their membership numbers declining, it is important to still be able to come together with one voice.

“We still have a cause and bring God’s love to others. We gather to reach out to other faiths,” he said.

World Community Day began in 1943 from discussions at a meeting of different church denominational presidents and executive secretaries. They wanted to set aside a day in the fall for the study of peace by church women.

Event organizers said although many denominations were printing their own studies, it was determined at that meeting that their unity would be strengthened on one day of united study.


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