Blessed Sacrament Parish stays home on outreach day

WARREN — It was a day of beautifying the inside and outside of Blessed Sacrament Parish as more than 100 members of the congregation took part in an annual Community Outreach Day.

While in past years the event has been held at different locations off the church campus site, it was decided to spend time working on the parish building and grounds.

Ed and Debbie Hlad of Warren, who were among those outside working on raking and blowing leaves and picking up branches, said the congregation stepped up to help choosing between doing work outside the church or inside.

“We do an annual cleanup day. We were able to get many members of the church together to clean the church grounds and clean up and remodel rooms inside the church,” Ed Hlad said.

Debbie Hlad said several rooms and closet areas inside the church were reorganized.

Mike McGee of Cortland was helping outside the church.

“I am a member of parish council and helped to organize this effort. We decided this year we wanted to spend time taking care of the church building ,which in past years may have been neglected,” he said.

In past years, church members have also helped at resident’s homes in the community.

Mary Pipino of Howland and Bernie Ofornas of Warren, along with Kris Prince of Howland and Patty Tsagaris of Howland, were among a group who changed a former children’s playroom into a large storage room for dishes and glasses and other items used for serving meals in the nearby dining area.

The group washed shelves and dishes and restocked them.

“People have been able to clean out many closets and rooms that have had items in them for more than 10 years. This helped us take inventory of what we have,” Pipino said, noting another room was made into the children’s play room.

Orfonas said the cooperation from all the volunteers made the project possible.

Pipino said the church holds social events in the dining area, so having the dishes nearby helps make it easier for those serving meals.

“We found out we have many items here that can be used in the kitchen and dining area,” she said.

“It was a productive day. The grounds needed some work and many people pitched in. We decided this year to stay at the church and do as much work as we could here,” Bill Flevares of Warren said.


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