Greene group holds gathering

Event replaced annual Home Day

GREENE — Members of the Greene Historical Society on Monday hosted a community potluck luncheon at the township hall.

The event was an attempt to bring the community together for Labor Day, just as it did for years when the annual Home Day was held. For many Labor Days, township residents gathered for an annual Home Day, which included a parade and frog-jumping contest.

Mary Bartholomew, president of the historical society, said while she hopes to see that event return in the future, it was decided to bring people together for a community-style picnic inside the 1877 township hall and have cornhole and other games outside.

More than 50 people attended, with most staying for a few hours before leaving for their own Labor Day gatherings.

She said the society works throughout the year holding fundraisers to maintain and enhance the two-story township hall. The society also holds community events such as a Mother’s Day luncheon and a Community Christmas.

A Christmas cookie sale will be held. The society is also selling Greene School tiles with a picture of the school on them for $20 each. Call Bartholomew for items or information at 330-583-3745.

The society also holds meetings with guest speakers and programs.

“This was the first time we tried something for Labor Day since we do not have Home Day anymore,” Bartholomew said. He noted that in 2018, nothing was held.

Bartholomew said when they first started maintaining the township hall, bird and raccoons were inside.

“We have been able to do a lot of work here. There is more work we would like to do,” she said.

Trustee Bill Barnett said he was glad an event was able to be held for the community.

Outside the township hall people played cornhole and flew drones.

Lester Stevens of Greene said it was nice to be able to get together with others in the community and talk and reminisce.

Sue Huggins of Champion said, “It is good for my dad to be able to get see people he grew up with in the township. He looks forward to being here.”

“I am sure the Home Day will be back up and running again,” said Greene resident Herb Stanford.

Karen Thomas of Greene said she and several other residents were glad to be able to prepare food for the event as she remembers many people always attending Home Day. Other residents brought food items to share.

Pastor Jim Elkin of the Greene Nazarene Church said he was concerned driving to the event because of the heavy rain before noon, but it quickly left.

“There was quite a downpour just before it started,” he said.

Elkin said many members of the church attended the event.