Trumbull County Junior Fair results


Applique quilts — Sarah Kelly, first; Donna Wilkes, second; child’s or baby’s quilt — Marie Persin, first and third; Sandy Cellio, second; pieced and tied quilts — Donna Wilkes, first; hand pieced and hand quilted quilts — Cheryl George, first; Maxine Barnes, second and third; machine pieced and machine quilted quilts — Maxine Barnes, first; Monica West, first and second; Aryabella Smith, first; Linda O’Rell, first; Marilyn Titus, second; Marie Persin, second; machine pieced — Susan Davison, first; Reva Montgomery, first; Linda Anspach, second and third; Reva Montgomery, third; technique not listed quilts — Beverly Kuhn, first place; Kids’ special contest — Lilah Turon, first; Ayrabella Smith, second

Original works — David Culp, first; Jenna Kuhn, first; Maxine Barnes, second and third; Marla Speerstra, third; adults’ special contest — Wendy Rose, first; Sandy Cellio, second; Tatum Sheets, third; baby afghans and bedspreads — Naomi Clement, first and second; Helen DeMaiolo, first; Eva McCarty, first; Shana Scherer, first; Nora Arnold, second; Nola Miller, third; crochet afghans and bedspreads — Kathy Difford, first; Marie Persin, first; Patricia Carpec, second; Kathy Difford, second; Marcie Kowalski, third; Beverly Kuhn, third; knit afghans and bedspreads — Jill Kibbler, first; Helen DeMaiolo, second; Shana Scherer, second; clothing embellishment — Cindy Wagner, first; adult and children apparel — Susan Davison, first and second; Brenda Richman, first, second and two thirds; Madigan Nolan, first; Cheryl George, first and second; Sandy Cellio, first; Jill Kibbler, first; Eva McCarty, first; Linda O’Rell, first, second and third; Kathy Skeels, first; Helen DeMaiolo, second; Danielle Lowery, second; Nola Miller, third; Nora Arnold, third; Georgia Mc Cowin, third

Latch hook rugs — Rayna Lambert, first; counted cross stitch pictures or wall hangings — Jamie Shuster, first and third; Bobijo Speerstra, first and second; Jill Kibbler, first; Ghislaina Martin, second; Maxine Barnes, third; crewel pictures or wall hangings — Linda O’Rell, first; quilted pictures or wall hangings — Maxine Barnes, first; Beverly Kuhn, first; Sarah Kelly, second; no technique listed pictures or wall hangings — Maxine McGaughy, first; Rayna Lambert, first; Beverly Kuhn, first; Sandy Cellio, second; pillows — Dennis McGaughy, first; Carlotta Sheets, first; Sandy Cellio, first; Helen DeMaiolo, second; needlework holiday decorations — Maxine Barnes, first; Sandy Cellio, first; Helen DeMaiolo, second; Cheryl George, second; Susan Davison, third; Cheryl George, third; pillowcases, Gennifer Bahn, first; Sandy Cellio, first; placemats or luncheon sets — Maxine Barnes, first and second; Sandy Cellio, first; needlework dolls and toys — Kaitlynn List, first; Bobijo Speerstra, two firsts; Ayrabella Smith, first; needlecraft miscellaneous — Maxine Barnes, first; Marla Speerstra, first; Sandy Cellio, first and second; Brenda Richman, second; Maxine McGaughy, two seconds

Woodworking lathe work — David Culp, first; furniture woodworking — David Culp, first; Sharon Lewis, first; Leo Teachout, first; miscellaneous woodworking — Fred Speerstra, first; Tom Lukehart, first; jewelry making beadwork, Susan Davison, first and second; Hannah Kovacs, second; shell items — Rayna Lambert, first and second; other manual crafts — Ghislaina Martin, first; Cindy Wagner, first; Geordan Bahn, first; Melinda Hilton, first; Emma Lynn Sigurani, first and second; Bonnie Nicholas, first and third; Lucinda Passek, first; Keith Holzhauser, second; Hallie West, second; Sandy Cellio, second; Carlotta Sheets, third; Ryan DePietro, third