Praising women’s contributions

Sisters Welcoming All Generations

WARREN — While they may have been wearing crowns as queens for the afternoon, the women with Sisters Welcoming All Generations — SWAG — said they were not looking down on anyone but praising the efforts that women have made locally and nationally.

Honeya Price, founder of SWAG, had the organization get together this weekend at the Women’s Park for a day of celebrating women’s achievements and also providing information to help women in their lives.

“We reach out to women of all generations and ages,” Price said.

SWAG Sisters teaches girls, young ladies and women how to “F.L.Y.” — First Love Yourself — by offering free events and workshops in the community.

Price said the organization focuses on female empowerment, with women reaching out to support one another.

SWAG is a three-year-old nonprofit organization designed to encourage women to learn to love themselves by developing positive self-images. It has more than 20 members.

Cynthia McNair of SWAG Sisters, said it is important to teach women 13 and older to love themselves.

“In order to love others, you have to learn to love yourself. We are teaching women to understand themselves and to learn to come together to support and respect one another,” she said.

McNair said for the event, everyone wore a crown.

“We are all queens today united as women. This is about uplifting women in the community so they can understand who they are,” she said.

Howland resident Charlene Allen said it is nice for women to be recognized for their hard work and contributions they give to the community.

“Often, we are overlooked and sometimes it is because of our gender,” she said.

Guest speaker Dr. Shauna Moore-Reynolds, a Youngstown native who lived in Warren for five years and is now a psychotherapist with a practice in Maryland, said she came back to the area to see family and to take part in the event.

“I have followed this group on Facebook and have seen all the good things they are doing. I have come back here to talk to women about anxiety, depression and overcoming domestic violence. I tell women they can overcome all obstacles. I myself was able to get out of a domestic violence situation,” Moore-Reynolds said.

She said what she does at her practice is what the organization does in helping others going through difficult and challenging times.

Marlene Roberts of the Community Volunteer Council in Warren, which is marking a 40th anniversary in October, said it was fantastic to bring all the women together to help work with one another.

Warren Councilwoman Helen Rucker said SWAG said the event lets women share words of inspiration.

She said the women in Warren, through their history, have worked hard to make the city a better place.

“What you are doing is helping women but also helping to make Warren a better place,” she said.

Rucker said women in the city worked hard to get the right to vote for all women.

She said grassroots movement, which are often organized by women, have helped make differences nationwide. Rucker said the women’s vote has also helped determine elections locally and nationally.

“It is so important to vote. Women can have impact on elections,” she said.

Price said the day was one for celebrating.

“Yes we are all queens today, but united as women.”