Missionaries provide hope

CHAMPION — Two missionaries who have spent years bringing the message of Christ to many non-believers throughout the world shared their years of work in western Europe with members of Champion Presbyterian Church.

Ray and Marf Meister of Campus Crusade for Christ were guest speakers as part of the church’s Missionaries of the Month program.

“Our role is to connect with people in other countries and share the importance message of the Lord with them,” said Ray Meister.

He said to date, they have visited more than 18 different countries, many in western Europe.

Meister said through modern networking, they and other ministers are better able to share the message of the Holy Spirit to more and more people.

“It has always been a joy for us to provide a better picture of God for others and to let them know to have faith in him. He allows us through what we are doing to be part of his kingdom and part of his life,” Meister said.

He said many people have a hard time understanding “God is supernatural,” and he works beyond what people see, hear or do.

The Meisters have worked on the “Jesus Film Project,” which provides resources about the life of Jesus, bringing out more thematic issues to help with the struggles people face in their lives.

“By watching this, you will have suggested questions to use to help start conversations about the life of Jesus,” Meister said.

Meister said, “Jesus’s message in the films is for people to go as far as they need to go and do what it takes to honor God who is faithful to us.”

Meister and his wife go to other countries to reach non-believers and help make them disciples of God.

Meister said in many parts of western Europe, the percentage of believers in Christ are in the single digits.

“There are many people in western Europe who are not believers and are lost sheep. We saw we had work to do. You can walk down the street and speak to 200 people and may not meet one believer,” he said.

The Meisters said they have been to parts of Spain and Greece.

He said teams have worked at hostels which take care of the needs of those on pilgrimages.

“You could be on one of our teams” he said.

Meister said as many as 800 or more people can pass by the hostel per week and meet with the team.

“We feel the Lord has given me and Marf the privilege of being part of this ministry,” he said.

While attending college, the Meisters said they came to faith through Campus Crusade for Christ. They later became licensed in the Gospel ministry through the Presbyterian Church. They now help ministries and missions in 64 countries in addition to the Jesus film project.