Highland Terrace offers kids’ program

WARREN — Children of the Highland Terrace Apartments learned about the first landing on the moon 50 years ago during their weekly summer recreation and activity program.

April Platt, property manager with Highland Terrace Apartments, said each Friday, the children get together for educational and recreational activities.

“We have had crafts, nutrition lessons, physical activities and art lessons,” she said.

Garvin McCorkle, educator with SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education) with The Ohio State University Extension, said he has spoken to children on the importance of eating breakfast, staying active and fit, and making healthy food choices.

“I have stressed to them eating healthy and staying healthy,” said McCorkle, who also holds programs at the Trumbull Family Fitness during the summer.

In one activity, children named healthy breakfast foods, such as cereals with no sugar.

Denise Rising of the Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership and Sevasti Tripoulas of Americorp organize weekly educational and hands-on programs along with healthy snacks for the children.

Because this past week was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Rising said Friday’s theme was moon rocks. Other topics have ranged from parachutes to bean bags.

Aniyha Lake, 14, said the program provides something for children to do in the summer.

“I learned the importance of having breakfast and having energy and activities to get my heart going,” she said.

Cortez Dorsey, 12, said the program is good for children to have as there may not be anything to do in the summer.

McCorkle said the key to help children is to let them try new foods — such as different fruits and vegetables — that are healthy for them.

Platt said the program is popular with children who two years ago had a new play area installed and dedicated outside.