Church’s 15-week series honors good in Hubbard

HUBBARD — For 15 weeks this summer, a Hubbard church is celebrating various contributions of officials, groups and organizations of Hubbard city and Hubbard township.

The Rev. Don Sparman of the Celebration Church envisioned a 15-week series as a summer-long celebration of the good, earnest and amazing people of Hubbard.

The special services and recognition will be held 10 a.m. each Sunday.

“We are celebrating people from all walks, backgrounds, race, political persuasion and faith because God celebrates us without judgment or prejudice, so why shouldn’t we?” said member Paula Kelley, volunteer at Celebration Church.

Kelley said the church members and Sparman wanted “to change the narrative going from the negative to the positive” by celebrating community leaders, members.

“We want to change the dynamics of what people hear too often each day,” Kelley said.

She said the kickoff was Memorial Day weekend, when veterans were recognized.

She said police officers, firefighters, township and city officials are among those to be recognized over the summer.

“We selected who we felt needed celebrated,” she said, noting people can also submit names of whom to celebrate on the church’s website at celebration

Kelley said they are planning a “Change Maker Sunday,” where they recognize people who have made a big difference in the community.

“We are taking the whole summer to celebrate all the best of Hubbard,” Sparman said, noting Hubbard Mayor John Darko was on the list.

He said too many people are often upset and weary with the negativity in the news and in society and instead want more recognition of the good.

“We want to celebrate and change the tune to be more upbeat and positive, and Hubbard is a great place to do this,” Sparman said.

Darko, who was honored June 2, is retiring at the end of the year, having served on city council from 1988 to 2009 and mayor for the past eight years.