Area students explore careers

CHAMPION — Seventh- to ninth-graders explored careers as part of a weeklong camp at the Trumbull Career and Technical Center.

Ninety students learned about dental assisting, visual design and imaging, the U.S. Air Force, engineering, multimedia, web design and programming, and cosmetology.

Mike Pozega, web design and programming instructor, said students in class created their own video games with story and characters. On the final day, their parents played it.

“They created their own video game and had people try it. They also did their own self-portrait,” he said

Jacob Conde, 13, of John F. Kennedy High School, said he took the web design class because he wants to learn more about it.

“This is a useful skill. I also took engineering,” he said.

Students attend two programs of their choice for 90 minutes each.

James Thornton, 15, homeschooled from Cortland, said he took ROTC because he has family members who have served in the Army, National Guard and other military branches.

Jill Woods, dental assistant instructor, said students learned about taking X-rays and doing dental impressions and knowing CPR.

Kennedy Caldwell, 12, of Champion, said she enjoyed learning to make impressions. Gianna DeCost, 12, of Labrae, said she likes to go to the dentists and wanted to learn what goes on behind the scenes in a dentist office.

“I have always been interested in watching my orthodontist and dentist,” said Elizabeth Smallsreed, 13, of Southington, who said she wanted to see what the office staff does.

Engineering program participants learned about robots, airplanes and rockets. Zoe Fisher, 14, of Mathews, said, “I want to see what engineering is like because I want to go into that field.”

Fisher said she learned cooperation and teamwork are important part of engineering.

Charlie Faler, 13, of LaBrae said he has used robots at his school and wanted to learn more about robotics.

Terri Fleming, engineering instructor, said students demonstrated the rockets and airplanes on the last day of the program when parents visited.


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