Rollison family presents scholarships

Remembering through faith, steps

GIRARD — Several speakers told local high school seniors who will be attending college and preparing for their careers to remember the importance of faith and family.

Minister Vincent Peterson II of Warren, who was among the speakers at the annual Richard Rollison IV Foundation annual scholarship banquet held at the Mahoning Country Club, said family helps shape young adults into who they are.

“I am fortunate to come from a family filled with amazing people. I was blessed to grow up with the people in my life,” he said noting each of them have come from families who love and support them.

Peterson said everybody faces problems in his or her lives.

“I tell people to keep going with faith and beat and fight the things you are struggling with in life. There will be struggles, pain and aching. There will be times you want to quit but you need to keep climbing those steps in your life,” Peterson said.

He said for anyone who faces a challenge in his or her life to take the steps one at a time.

“The Rollison family can tell you better than I can every day they have to take a step. Those steps come with tears, heartache and pain sometimes. I tell everyone to keep taking those steps no matter what. Your future depends on it,” Peterson said.

Peterson said no one can give someone what they want in life, but they need themselves to go out and earn it.

“Prove it to yourself that you can do it. Trust in the almighty and you will achieve it,” he said.

He said whether starting college, a job, a family, etc., take the bottom step and then another.

Madonna Chism-Pinkard, who was a judge of the scholarships presented by local Eva and Richard Rollison, in memory of their son, Richard IV who was shot and killed five years ago at a gas station in Warren.

“You are keeping his legacy alive each day, minute by minute. An act of violence took Richard’s life. There are more and more times we are at events where things are done for someone’s memory and legacy and to celebrate their lives,” she said.

Pastor Vincent Peterson of Providence Baptist Church said the Rollisons are doing this because young people are the future.

Richard Rollison said the foundation is growing with more and more people seeking scholarships and submitting essays.

“We appreciate all the applicants,” he said.

Rollison said people continue to show their love and support and help him and Eva to heal.

Rollison said the foundation was started to help young people with their future.

“We need to show these kids love. If you don’t show them love, they won’t show it back,” he said.

The family shared the Bible verse from Proverbs, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own, understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths.”



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