Revival-type events focus on ‘Hope for Hubbard’

HUBBARD — Pastors and ministers from six Hubbard area churches, as well as several guest speakers, spent two days sharing the important message of God during Two Days of Unity.

Marcus DiVito of Hubbard Christians in Action, which sponsored the two-day event held at Hubbard Middle School, said “Hope for Hubbard” was a revival-type event that has been held the past two years.

DiVito said a key to the event was to help provide information to local residents of what resource organizations and programs are available to them for different needs and services.

“There are people who do not know what is available to help them. They see that there are organizations and agencies who not only help them but care about them,” he said.

Such programs include food banks and pantries, a diaper program at a local church or the Salvation Army services or Hubbard Christians in Action.

DiVito said another key from the event is to show people there is unity in Hubbard.

“We want people to see that there is unity here. We get everyone together to be unified,” he said.

DiVito said Hope for Hubbard is a movement that focuses on helping people with their physical problems and then also focusing on spiritual needs.

“We want to help lift problems off their shoulders and let them be more open to hear the word of God,” he said.

The Rev. David Coxson of Cornerhouse Christian Church, who was among the ministers who spoke at the event, said people need to know of “spiritual sustainability.”

He said the word fire is spoken 549 times in the Bible as a symbol of spirituality and representing God’s purpose in our lives.

“The fire burns our sin and purifies our soul,” Coxson said.

He said just as in the Bible when God wanted to keep the fire burning people can have spiritual sustainability as they thrive and grow to reach up to God,

“The presence of God is the fire on the altar, which is the offering of your life. Develop a system that works for you and stick with it,” he said.

Coxson encouraged people to do what they have to do to have spiritual sustainability to enrich his or her lives with God.

He said God desires uninterrupted worship and to be with you forever.

Gospel soloist Rod Truman of Thru It All Ministries also took part in the praise and worship with prayers, talks and singing.

Participating churches included Hubbard First Presbyterian, Calvary Baptist, Cornerhouse Christian, Hubbard Church of the Nazarene, Central Christian and First Baptist Church of Hubbard.

Hubbard Christians in Action also hosts such community events as Crop Walk, National Day of Prayer, Good Friday service and Thanksgiving service.



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