Eighth-graders show off their inventive skills

Champion convention

CHAMPION — Champion Middle School eighth-graders used their STEM skills to create new inventions and gadgets to make life easier for people and animals.

Barb Martini, STEM teacher at the school, said the fourth annual Invention Convention consisted of 119 students working in teams of three or four for nine weeks to create a new idea or modify something already in existence.

“They had to find a problem and come up with a solution. They could create a new idea or improve on a prior item. The students put a lot of time into this and were very creative,” Martini said.

She said students had to sell their product using a slogan and logo.

“They had great ideas and then they had to pitch their ideas,” Martini said.

One group created a picnic bike, where a small container with food, water, and other items, were kept cool or warm by pedaling a bike. It was voted as the most popular invention.

Another group created “The Pup Bowl Down,” where a dog wanting to get out of a room it presses down on the seat to open the door.

Micah Nolan, 14, said his team brainstormed ideas and remembered how dogs want out of a room where the door is closed bark or scratch until someone lets them out.

The pup pull-down idea was voted the fourth-most popular invention.

One team was working on creating a more comfortable stool for science and art classes and created a seat with a cushioned back.

Team members Chris Plott, 15, Preston Lefkowitz, 14, Hailey Currie, 14, and Morgan Davis, 14, had people sit on the cushioned stool to see how it felt.

Davis said there are so many times in some classrooms where people feel uncomfortable having no back rest so now a stool, like a chair, can have a comfortable back rest.

The stool was voted the third- most popular invention.

Another group created a Dog-O-Wash which was a large container to hold a dog inside when it is being washed. It can be adjusted depending on size of the dog.

Erin Lee, eighth-grade social studies teacher, said students utilized what they have learned in all classes to create their invention and promote it.

“It is always an exciting day to see what they have created,” Lee said.

Kathleen Bronson, eighth-grade language arts teacher, said the students spent time brainstorming.

“They … came up with a solution and thought of who would be their target audience. They had great products but needed to be able to sell it,” she said.


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