TFF celebrates accomplishments

HOWLAND — As many physical improvements made to the Trumbull Family Fitness building in downtown Warren this past year were touted, the services and programs offered also were praised during the annual dinner held at Leo’s Ristorante.

Richard Thompson, chairman of the TFF board of directors and recipient of the Leadership Award, said in 2018 needed work was done on the roof while remodeling of the conference room and offices on the second floor also took place.

He said TFF had partnered with the Gateway Group of Cleveland to develop a strategic plan for improvements to the building and planning for its future including looking at partnering with a local health care agency to locate at the facility and provide services.

Thompson said there’s also been discussion on upgrades to the facility for housing, including apartments in the downtown area.

“We met with area health care providers but no one signed up. For one potential health care provider interested it was decided that it would not be possible at the present time due to other priorities,” Thompson said.

He said the board of directors believes the strategic plan is strong and will continue to work in that direction.

Thompson said TFF partnered with Youngs-town State University’s exercise science department for an intern who spent time at the facility.

“We will continue with further partnerships and to grow as an organization,” he said.

Thompson was presented the Leadership Award for his service on the board and to benefit TFF and the community.

Jim Tressel, president of YSU since 2014, was keynote speaker and he praised the work TFF does for the community.

“You are here because you are an important part of the community. As you have listened to some of the challenges you faced, you have kept going. Trumbull Family Fitness is more than just the physical activities but is a place where people come together and work together through connectedness,” Tressel said.

He said TFF has the connectedness to provide an important service to the community and making a difference in the lives of many children and adults.

“Looking at things and putting them in perspective is critical to TFF’s continued success,” he said.

Executive Director Paulette Edington said 90 percent of the roof remodeling project at the building is completed with plans for work crews to finish when the weather improves.

TFF marked its 90th anniversary last year, recognized as one of the historic building in downtown Warren. The downtown location for years was known as the YMCA before transforming into TFF.

The building has been included on the National Register of Historic Buildings.