North-Mar kicks off men’s conference

WARREN — Focusing on being “heartset” in their lives and becoming important leaders for their families, workplace and community, several speakers addressed the importance of men helping one another to “Be the Man God Wants You To Be.”

The message was shared during a six-hour men’s conference at North-Mar Church, with more than 230 people attending.

North-Mar lead pastor Myron Daum said the conference showed men ways to be the best they can be in leadership roles — with God’s help.

“We want men to give their best efforts in leadership in all the different roles they have personally, at work, with their families and in their communities. We are teaching men how to use God’s strength to accomplish this and be better leaders. We want this conference to help them grow,” Daum said.

Todd Gongwer, an entrepreneur and author of “Lead… for God’s Sake!”, was the keynote speaker. He said he is passionate about helping others discover their purpose in leadership and in life.

Since writing “Lead… for God’s Sake!” he speaks, teaches and coaches on the subject of leadership throughout the nation.

He said he asks men, “Who do you want to be as a leader?”

Gongwer said every leader faces challenges in getting from one point to another in their marriage, church, school or work life.

“We are all at some point in our lives with some place to go wherever that point may be. We need to focus more on the what and how rather than just getting to that point in life,” he said.

He said men should focus not on a mindset, but on a “heartset” of what their heart wants.

Gongwer said he had a calling to write and to focus on why he does what he does.

“I did a lot of soul searching to make sure my heartset was right in being an author. I live to learn and it’s why I read. I tell men to dedicate time to the heart and let them decide how much time they will spend on their heart,” he said.

Gongwer said people need to focus on humility, empathy, accountability, responsibility and trust.

For humility and empathy, he tells people to put others before themselves and have compassion for others. For trust, Gongwer said it is important to build trust with others — even those who think differently than you — often by character building.

“Self-awareness is important in our lives. We need to help people in our lives. God is so valuable to us to accomplish this,” he said, noting there are people with whom you spend time in your life who can help you do this.

Gongwer said in today’s world, people need to guard their hearts and be aware of the world, noting younger generations are influenced by social media more than past generations.

He said it is important for men to connect and to not do things all alone.

“We need to reach out and pray for each other,” he said.

Gongwer said he hopes the conference participants understand the important role they have in leadership.

“Jesus calls us to have influence with others in our lives and the next generation, which is so important,” he said.