Conference speaker shares message of God’s grace

HOWLAND — With a message of “Grace is Everything, “ Pastor Paul White of Flowery Branch, Georgia, focused on how each person as a part of God’s family must have responsibility in their lives.

White, an author, teacher and conference speaker, led two days of teaching at a conference at the Avalon Inn and Resort attended by more than 40 people. White has pastored and taught at several churches and conferences throughout his ministry years.

He said his greatest passion is seeing believers experience an awakening to the goodness of God’s grace through Jesus. White said he encourages believers to contend for God’s grace throughout their lives.

White said he focused on releasing people into liberty, letting them know who they are as children of God and what rights they have as a member of his family.

“There is a responsibility that comes with knowing who you are. There are rights and responsibilities and what that looks like as children of God,” he said.

This is his fourth year returning to northeast Ohio.

“I try to get back to this area each year in early March. There are many people who attend each year,” he said.

White said he travels nationwide speaking at churches, conferences and in living rooms. He said Paul White Ministries is the No. 8 most downloaded podcast in the religion section, with people nationwide being impacted by his message.

“I want people to leave here knowing who they are in Christ and what that means in their lives. They can take that message and go do something good in the world,” White said.

Jan Bush of Howland said she refers to White as “a neat preacher.”

“I can’t write fast enough of all that I have learned from being here. I don’t want to miss all that he says because it is so important,” she said.

Dr. Chad James Douglas of Howland said the conference helped inspire him to the message of God’s grace and also understanding the Bible more.

“He broke the Bible down in ways that helped me better understand God’s gift in our lives. You really could understand it more,” Douglas said.

Driving from Michigan for the conference were Anita and Paris Addie, who said they were excited to learn more about the greatness of God in their lives.

“I learned so much more about the grace of God being here,” Anita Addie said.

“I could relate to a lot about what he said about identity,'” Paris Addie said.

The two first met White in 2011 and have attended many of his conferences and programs since.

“We listen to a lot of his videos and helping to share his message with others,” Anita Addie said.

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