Honoring heroes of the 6th Ward

Awards presented to those who have assisted the city

WARREN — Local organizations and individuals who have helped make a difference for residents of Warren, particularly in the city’s 6th Ward, were recognized for being local heroes.

Warren Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold, D-6th Ward, held an awards ceremony recently at Second Baptist Church, where several 6th Ward residents and community organizations who have assisted the ward in various capacities were honored

“The southwest side of Warren has experienced a resurgence in our community. Quinby Park is being renovated, recreational equipment has been installed in the Highland Terrace housing facility, bus routes have been expanded, and ‘Lots of Love’ projects have been implemented. There are residents and organizations who have proven their desire to make the ward vibrant, safe and beautiful again. They have addressed the needs of the 6th Ward,” Saffold said.

She said the event was held to show appreciation to those who have served the neighborhoods by enriching people’s lives.

“This is a way to show appreciation for those groups and residents in the community. They are a blessing to our community,” Saffold said.

She said right before school started, she received a call from Warren Family Mission wanting to donate gift cards for children to get school clothes.

“Many families said they did not know what they would do to get clothes for their children. Last summer, families were given free blueberries and beans and this fall, free meat. They also have a house to help veterans on Woodview Street,” Saffold said.

Dominic Marrari of the Warren Family Mission said they served 120,000 meals, distributed 170,000 bags of groceries and gave away 700,000 pounds of food in 2018.

Matt Martin with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership and its many volunteers helped revitalize houses in the community.

Saffold said TNP received a grant to tear down houses and other blight.

“They are the best at what they do,” she said.

Marianne Vaughn, assistant executive director with the Western Reserve Transit Authority, worked to get more routes and bus stops in the ward.

“We Care” service awards were presented to Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership; Community Concerned Citizens; Warren Neighborhood Initiative; Warren Family Mission; Western Reserve Transit Authority; Hot Dog Shoppe; First Christian Assembly Church (Ignite Ministries); Believers Church; Councilman Al Novak, D-2nd Ward; and Don Emerson, executive director of the Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority. The “Highland Terrace Playground Park Project Award” was given to Pastor Todd Johnson of Second Baptist Church and Sandy Kellar. The “Quinby Park Restoration Award” was given to Pastor Gerald Morgan and Sons of Thunder; Lenny Reynolds; Linda Russ; Veronica Penn Barnes; Ricky Allen; JoAnne Poole; Dee Dee Gore; Jonathan Fairchild; Coleman Family; Mary Jo Moore; Juanita and Sheldon Walker; Anita Bankston; Keitsa Brown; Merlean Dawson; Jamareya Lumpkin; Daryl Patterson; Honeya Price; Carolyn Evans; Patricia Dawson; Jennie Price; Pastor Robert Stringer; Pastor Alton Merrill; and Louann Kenyon.



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