Orangeville marks 150th year

ORANGEVILLE — It was a triple celebration as Orangeville village celebrated its 150th anniversary, an addition to the fire station and a newly created historical center.

A celebration was held over the weekend for the historical center, which will be open 1 to 4 p.m. the fourth Sunday of each month, March to November, at the fire station, 44 High St.

The village, which was established in 1868, will now have a large room showcasing memorabilia, photos, newspaper clippings and other items for public viewing.

Jim Wade, a local historian, said, “We have a lot of the history of the town, schools, hotels, motels, businesses and community in one room.”

He said many of the items were donated to the museum by local residents. Wade, who himself collects antiques and other items, said he is always looking for Orangeville items

“Being a small town, you don’t run into items often, but I am happy when I do find something,” Wade said.

He said Orangeville is like a small crossroad that has grown over the years.

Pastor Ronald McIlvaine of the Orangeville United Methodist Church said the community and its many members should all be recognized for contributing to the project.

“There was a lot of time and hard work involved,” he said.

People donated materials, time and labor to the center.

Orangeville Mayor Ruth Bennett said the community is blessed to have Wade and others who made the center a reality.

“What they were able to do is amazing,” she said.

Linda Unangst of Orangeville said, “The historical center is very nice. I grew up in Orangeville and remember many of the people and events. There was the festival in the park.”

The display had photos, maps, books and other memorabilia.

Doug Bratek of Cortland said, “Seeing the photos and newspapers brings back a lot of memories. There are many people I have known.”

Jim Stafford of Orangeville gave Erie Railroad memorabilia for the display.

“We had a museum once before. It is great we have a new one here,” he said.

For information or to visit the center, call Wade at 330-980-1816.