Bristol students create time capsule

BRISTOL — Bristol High School students gathered items for a time capsule that will commemorate the 100th anniversary of their school building.

High School Principal Tim Fairfield said instead of burying the time capsule, where items inside could get damaged underground, it will be placed in the safe in the superintendent’s office.

Teacher Shirley Arroyo-Stiffey said each grade contributed items, which were organized by teacher Carolyn Suttles.

Chase Kufchak, a senior, said the 12th grade class took a class picture for the time capsule.

“We had a picnic blanket with a basket in the center and re-enacted scene from ‘Full House,’ which we grew up watching,” he said.

Zachary Burns, a sophomore, said that for the time capsule, his class wrote about what they believe the future will be like.

The student also recognized their milestone school near the corner of state routes 45 and 88 with a run with colors and a craziest costume contest.

Fairfield said the 1.5-mile run had 120 participants, including staff, students and community members, running through the school grounds, soccer pitch, ball fields and track while being sprayed with colorful chalk dust.

Several of the runners in the color run wore crazy outfits including tutus that were multi-colored due to the colored chalk thrown.

Hannah Woolf, a sophomore, said she liked the run and getting colored chalk thrown on them. Fairfield said each participant received sunglasses to protect his / her eyes and a special 100-year anniversary shirt.

“It’s great to know we will be graduating as the 100th class from the school,” said senior Jeremy Minnick.