This week in history

Overnight freight delivery begins

99 years ago in 1919:

• Fast electric freight service from Youngstown to Cleveland and important immediate points over the lines of the Mahoning and Shenango Railway and Light Company, the Cleveland, Alliance and Mahoning Valley Railway Company and the Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company were to be inaugurated.

The service, expected to be of great advantage to both shippers and receivers of goods, was to provide the quickest means available for shipment of goods whether in small lots or carload lots. Goods were to be shipped at the close of business day and expected to be in the hands of consignees by the opening of the next business day.

Shipments at Youngstown, Girard, Niles and Warren for delivery to Akron, Cuyahoga Falls and Cleveland and eastbound deliveries were to be brought from the three cities to the Mahoning Valley points. The overnight nature of the service was expected to make it popular for “hurry up” shipments to and from all parts untouched.

50 years ago in 1968:

• The Trumbull County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO featured a day of fun and activities in celebration of Labor Day. The celebration at Mollenkopf Stadium was to spotlight the role of 81 local labor unions and their members in community services with a parade through downtown Warren from Perkins Park to the fairgrounds. Three local bands from John F. Kennedy, Leavittsburg and Southington high schools, as well as the Warren City schools, floats and firemen from the city as well as Cortland, Southington, Bazetta, Kinsman, Mecca, Fowler, Warren Township, Brookfield, Bristolville, Howland, Orangeville, Johnston, Lordstown, Newton Falls and Braceville were to be in attendance at the parade. All local unions of Trumbull County were to be represented by special banners carried and Miss Mary Louise Carrier, “The Hartford Apple Festival Queen” was to ride in an auto.

25 years ago in 1993:

• Bed racing, and Barney and Baby Bop look-alikes added to the excitement of the Cortland Street Fair sponsored by High Street Fitness Inc., an exercise and fitness center owned by Dr. Gregory Davenport. The event offered health screening, nutritional information, volleyball and free health club memberships.

Shelia Hlifka, manager at High Street Fitness, said, “People will say: ‘Oh, I cleaned the house today. I got my exercise.’ But it’s not the same. An hour of vacuuming doesn’t tone the body or build strength the way a half hour of aerobics does.

“It (health and fitness) has to be a part of your lifestyle. Anything you can do to keep yourself active, anything you can do to keep yourself involved is going to keep you fit,” Hlifka said.

10 years ago in 2008:

• Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden, visted Yankee Kitchen in Vienna on a stop after spending the night at an Austintown hotel en route from a Pennsylvania campaign visit to Cleveland for a congressional funeral.

“We come in every day for breakfast at Yankee Kitchen, but this morning we got a surprise,” Fay Kolis of Canfield told Tribune news partner 33 News after being surprised to find Obama dining there.

The entourage came to the restaurant just two days after the Democratic convention wrapped up in Denver, where Obama officially claimed his party’s nomination.

Northeast Ohio, a Rust Belt region where the economy has struggled, supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid in March. Although Obama had carried Cuyahoga County with Cleveland, he had lost 83 of 88 counties in the primary.

Compiled from Tribune Chronicle archives by Emily Earnhart,