Promoting a love of animals

WARREN — After having had three brain surgeries, Kari Crawford of Champion said it was her pets that provided her with the most comfort during her recovery.

Crawford decided she wanted to celebrate pets and organized an All Animal Art Show last summer at Courthouse Square. The event brought pets and their owners out for a day of fun activities.

Because of the success of the first year, Crawford organized the event again this summer.

“It went so well last year, I knew I had to do it again. People have been asking me if I was going to hold it again,” she said.

Despite recovering from a recent surgery, Crawford was able to get 31 artists and vendors to set up at the park.

“The event is to promote the love of animals. Animals have always been my passion in life. They have been my therapy through all I have been through,” Crawford said, noting they helped her therapeutically as she recovered from brain surgeries and radiation treatments.

She said her horse was able to sense she had a brain tumor even before she was diagnosed.

“The horse would gently put his nose up to my head where my tumor was later found. After it disappeared, he stopped doing that,” Crawford said.

The event included multiple types of vendors, animal products, clothing, books, wreaths, oils and organizations, as well as face paintings and the ability for people to have their pets make their own artwork.

Activities included dogs creating artwork by having their paw placed in paint and then placed on display boards.

Crawford said other organizations and businesses set up to sell toys and other items or distribute pet information on how to adopt a dog.

Crawford said people could set up for free and raise their own money.

Kelly Vogt of Creations From the Heart said dogs would have their paws put in paint so they could them be used for making paw print paintings and collages with images of flowers and animals.

“It is sometimes difficult to get them to put their paw down. Some of the dogs just don’t want to cooperate,” she said.

Crawford was able to get her four-and-a-half-month-old golden doodle, Rowgly to create and art piece with his paws.

Julia Shuttic of Warren said she loves seeing all the pets.

“I am an animal lover. The event was well-organized. I am glad I was able to see all the dogs and their owners. Some of the dogs I have seen on Facebook,” she said.