Youth help clean, beautify city

WARREN — During the past several weeks local youth with North Mar Church have spent time cleaning and beautifying community gardens and other locations in the city working with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership.

The 70 youth were divided into different groups and spent time working at assigned locations.

One group used rakes and other tools to clean and beautify a small flower and prayer garden off Belvedere Avenue SE. The youth did landscaping, mulching and bench staining.

“I like helping people. It makes you feel good,” said Zac Haley, 13, of Cortland.

Sarah Bell, 13, of Braceville, said an adult would help the teens at each site and then let the youth plant flowers and mulch the garden.

Justin Grossman, 12, of Cortland, said each group was assigned to go to a different location and help in whatever way they could. He and others helped move a small tressel at the front of the garden.

Pastor Sandra Dowell with Covered Under the Blood Ministries said she appreciated what work the youth did.

“I appreciate the help. They made the garden look like it was before when it first was put in. The neighbors love having the garden here,” she said

The garden has a blessing and prayer box and a large walkway in the shape of a cross.

“It is so serene and peaceful here and now beautiful again,” Dowell said.

Denise Rising with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership helped provide materials for the youth to use at the different gardens.

“It was hot some days, but they were really dedicated,” she said.

Mike Tusay of Northside Heights, Pa. accompanied the youth to sites and helped use a blower to clear debris and leaves from flower beds before the teens began placing mulch and flowers.

“They had a lot of fun and did a great job.” he said



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