Howland Springs holds ‘Penny War’

HOWLAND — Howland Springs Primary held the inaugural “Tiger Roar Penny War” recently at the school to raise $823.79 to help needy families in the area.

Travis Roth, supervisor of Ed Tech and Communications for the district, said with the assistance of students, parents, staff and volunteers, the school gave Cindy Rogers, campaign coordinator for United Way of Trumbull County, the pennies collected for the needy.

The United Way will provide basic necessities for local families, seniors and veterans who need a little extra help with everyday essentials such as laundry soap, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, diapers, diaper supplies and various other personal and home care items.

Roth said to reach their goal, Howland Springs Primary held the penny wars challenge starting in late December. Students brought in pennies for the cause and earned the ability to participate in Pajama Day and wear pajamas to school.

Marissa James’ kindergarten class won the Penny War challenge and brought in the most donated pennies and was rewarded with ice cream sandwiches donated by Giant Eagle of Howland.

Event ogranizers said the event encouraged children to bring in pennies and share with each other to reach their philanthropic goal promoting the overall “spirit of giving.”