Preparing for YSU’s History Day

WINDHAM — Stephanie Parish said she remembers when she was a student at Niles McKinley High School, she competed in the Youngstown State University History Day event. Now as a social studies teacher at Windham Junior High School, she has her seventh- and eighth-grade students creating projects for History Day.

The YSU History Day will be 9 a.m. Saturday at Kilcawley Center and DeBartolo Hall at the campus. The 2017 theme is “Taking a Stand in History.” Program coordinator Dr. Diane Barnes and AmeriCorps Ohio History Regional Officer M. Carmella Cadusale are coordinating the YSU event.

Schools in Ashtabula, Geauga, Mahoning, Portage and Trumbull represent Region 4 which will be part of the competition.

Parish said 80 seventh- and eighth-graders did research and used hands-on learning to create their projects. While most did projects, one team did a website. Teams could also do speeches.

”The school event helps prepare student for Youngstown State University. The eighth-graders who took part last year know what to expect,” Parish said.

Eighth-graders Isaiah Consolo, Clay Dean and Jay Cunningham created “Great Britian’s stand against Nazis.”

“We chose to take Great Britain’s stand against the Nazis since they were the first to take a stand and win a battle against the Nazis during the invasions,” Consolo said.

Dean said, ”Germany went into Great Britain unprepared and thought everyone would just bow down. They had to go back and get more resources. Eventually, Germany gave up, which was the first main loss.”

Consolo said they created a mini display of the battle.

Students had one month to complete their projects, working in teams of three or four.

Another team of eighth-graders, Sydni Colian, Isis Post, Kylee Gardner and Keith Richmond created a project on “The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire,” which happened in New York in 1911.

“We thought this was different and interesting,” Gardner said.

Michael Chaffee, a principal in Newbury schools and a former principal at Wndham High School, was a judge.

“I think this event is great. There is such a wide variety of topics. It is amazing a lot of them are stories that are not told a lot which makes them very interesting to hear about,” Chaffee said.