Self-defense classes planned for center

WARREN – At the request of several area women, the Trumbull Family Fitness offered a sneak peek of a self-defense class planned for this fall.

Paulette Edington, executive director at TFF, said several women approached her about starting a program on ways to help people protect themselves if confronted by an attacker.

“We plan to offer a weekly self-defense program in the fall. This is all part of Trumbull Family Fitness’ focus on families,” she said.

Class instructor David Durch of Advanced Fighting Systems in Warren showed free demonstrations to 15 women. Edington said representatives of the local Rape Prevention Center were among those who attended.

“This allowed them learn a little and feel comfortable knowing what they can do protect themselves. They know they will be afraid,” Edington said.

Durch said there is a way to survive from an attacker they may meet on the street or in their home. He said there are individuals who will want to rape or kill people. Individuals can twist someone’s arm, poke them in the eye or give a quick kick in the groin.

“These are just some options of what you can do if an attacker comes to harm you” he said. “There is an instinct to survive.”

Mark Manning, an instructor, said real-life scenarios are shown.

He said 80 percent of what is learned are techniques designed to do something to get away in a split second.

“We want women to take a stand and deal with the situation. There is fear. We show how to deal with that fear,” Manning said.

Durch has written articles for martial arts magazines, traveled the county doing seminars, and has appeared on a number of television shows teaching his street survival combative fighting tactics.

For information on programs and classes, contact Trumbull Family Fitness at 330-394-1565.