Smart-glass startup in Columbus joins BRITE

WARREN — Columbus-based NODIS, a leading company in the development of smart-glass technologies, has joined BRITE Energy Innovators as the latest portfolio company of the downtown Warren clean tech startup accelerator.

The company produces and sells its TruTint smart glass, windows that electrically control tint, color and infrared to increase building efficiency, using, according to the 614 Startups website, color-coated nanoparticles that act as small light shutters that orient when voltage is applied.

The windows can be controlled through a smartphone or a building’s management system.

It’s also developing a photovoltaic smart glass that will capture energy from the sun like a solar panel and also set tint, color and heat electrically, according to BRITE.

Founded in 2014 in Singapore, the company relocated to Columbus earlier this year to scale its operations. It plans to build its commercialization, systems engineering and sales teams there in addition to a manufacturing facility that will create 25 high-tech manufacturing jobs.

“Smart glass is really cool technology that’s key to improving building efficiency. Outside of energy efficiency it has many other uses, and after learning about the product NODIS has developed, our team is really excited to help them scale and commercialize,” Rick Stockburger, BRITE CEO, said.


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