Property transfers

Property transfers reported in Trumbull County April 22-29


Gus Polychronis LLC to Grant A. and Mary J. Oakes, 3625 Larchmont Ave., $1,150,000


Jason Michael Kidd to Robert A. Blair and Michelle L. Lucy, 7201 Northview, $141,000


Carolyn L. Covert to Paul E. Carroll, 2029 State, $118,000

Hennessy Homes LLC to Timothy J. Crosio, 2181 Clearview, $87,000

Michael R. and Tessa Parker to Philip D. and Kimberly E. Fiest, 4900 Lynn Place, $278,000

James S. Stewart Sr. to Rebecca A. and Scott J. Reider, 6150 Oak Hill Drive, $185,000


Gordon N. Totten to Leigh and Denise Collins, 476 Rosewae, $85,500


Jay D. and Sharon L. Barbe to Emily R. and Jacob L. Bannister, 350 state Route 88, $180,900

Owen E. Byler and Marcia Hostetler to John J. Antonetti and Elizabeth J. Dubinsk, 4434 Portage Easterly, $105,000

Annette M. Phillips to Christopher Dynys and Danielle Gordon, 7240 Girdle, $145,000

Jason L. and Maryann Hostetler to William I. Eicher and Elizabeth W. Eicher, 6973 Girdle, $145,000


Lester P. Markle to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 4022 Bradley Brownlee, $80,500


Jeffrey W. and Beth A. Tinkey to Kaitlin A. Christy, 1041 Tod, $74,500

Equity Trust Company to John G. Sicilano, 242 Churchill, $64,000


Burghill BTS Retail LLC to DG Burghill LLC, 7159 Wilson Sharpsville, $1,382,374


Robert T. Baun, Carol C. Sarra and Diane L. Faith to Carol C. Sarra and Scott M. Greenfield, 4251 Victoria, $104,000

Scott M. Greenfield to Carol C. Sarra and Scott M. Greenfield, 4251 Victoria, $104,000

Angela Florence Frascolla to John K. Jr. and Katherine L. Steffey, 214 Paulo, $163,297

Ronald K. Remsey Jr. to Preston S. Sharp, 7964 Anderson, $113,000

John A. Vennitti Jr. to Allan M. Corsale, 656 Brentwood, $89,000

David M. and Carla J. Xambino to William H. Beasom, 7902 Sutton Place, $113,700

Robert E. and Amanda E. Byron to Emmanual and Melissa Vlahos, 919 Shady Lane, $126,000

David and Roger Peterson to Roger Peterson, 4372 Stoneybrook, $66,667


Kenneth L. Hurd to Rory J. Buie, 5950 Mount Everett, $74,000

Roger J. and Sandra L. Leckfor to Joshua and Cassandra Westfall, 603 Meadowland, $153,000

Blake Herttua and Lisa Carr to Shannon Christine Reed, 262 Hager, $82,500

James R. Oldland and Dianne L. Luzik to Patricia and Archie Williams, 1931 Brookfield, $237,500

Jillian Taylor Duvall and Danny McKinley Duvall to Maris V. Sarisky, 31 Roosevelt, $105,000


Jacqualine M. Arino to Glenn M. Ripple Jr. and Jennifer L. Ripple, 3299 Bradley Brownlee, $137,000

Donna Marie Shimko to Darren Varndell, 5445 Fisher Cornith, $250,000

Tamara Byerly to James N. Dicapo, 5197 Fisher Cornith Road, $215,900


Jennifer R. Brunner and Christopher M. Conway to Anna Marie Fitzgerald Harris, 235 Catherine, $57,500

Big Run Ranch LLC to Steven M. Carter, 3024 Hadley, $88,000

James J. and Patricia L. Wirtz to Frederick F. Frojet Jr., 1434 Tomilu, $125,000


Matthew A. and Theresa R. Hull to Nicholas A. and Stephanie M. Gallo, 800 Massachusetts, $285,000


Paul J. and Lorene M. Miller to Wayne D. and Leanna P. Weaver, Gates East Road, $49,980


Lisa M. Holesko to Nathan McMurray, 717 Red Hawk Trail, $195,700

Nicole White to John E. Gordon, 2033 East River Road Unit 51, $134,500

Jeffrey C. and Maria C. Crowley to David N. and Brittany N. Sheely, 1221 Four Winds, $295,000


Gerald F. Dach Jr. to Erin K. and Cain M. Dando, 203 West, $21,000

Niles Cortland Company LLC Ohio to Marwhet Land Company LTD, Mines, $128,500

Anthony M. Cicero and Nikki L. Fair to Ronald R. and Joanne Brooks, 107 McDonald, $39,800


Theodore Jr. and Donna Sloban to John and Susan Greenfield, 720 Youngstown Kingsville, $26,500

Kenneth A. Morelli to Michael W. and Melissa A. Seidler, Youngstown Kingsville Road, $32,381

Joseph C. and Ruth P. Hays to Timothy Richards, 1383 Melbourne, $143,000


Stanon L. Hover Jr. to George Stosky, 1438 Buena Vista, $30,000

Funtulis Property Group LLC to Timothy G. and Kandis C. Torch, 2002 Irene, $78,000

Steven E. Graora to Nicholas R. Keller and Deanna F. Peterson, 2148 Woodland, $82,900

Thomas W. and Maria L. Oswald to Garrett R. and Anne T. Kimmel, 706 Adelaide, $86,900

Diala Omar to Sami H. Awadallah, 3192 Starlite, $40,000

Timothy R. Drummond to Freddy R. Cano, 1227 Hollywood, $22,000

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership to Antonio J. Yannucci, 2291 Linda, $51,000

Corey Lunn to DTH Resources LLC, 1427 Drexel, $34,000

Patricia Ann Gething and Linda Jean Shriver to Robert W. Cregar, 1617 Clermont, $22,000

Jodfrey H. and Cynthia E. Stringer to Leslie McDonald, 3157 Randolph, $63,500

Doreen J. and Victor A. Romack to Gary Tanieri, 155 North, $150,000

Nancy L. and Raymond C. Moore to Kristina T. Mihalov, 1563 Dodge, $92,500

Eros 74 Investments LLC to Primavera 29 LLC, 437 Nevada, $31,000


Natalie Clark to Zachary Thomas and Paul Eubank, 2519 Walnut, $134,900

Aaron J. Riedmann to Jason and Crystal Dewey, 3100 Austintown Warren, $325,000

Valerie L. Siler to Jennifer M. and Andrew R. Hake, 2071 Fox Chase Court, $195,000

Warren McCall to Philip and Loraine Burbridge, 863 Carson Salt Springs Road, $45,000


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