Local vehicle sales stay strong

WARREN — The second half of 2019 for automobile dealers in Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana counties began in July the same way the first half ended — with sales way ahead of the pace set in 2018.

Dealerships in the Mahoning Valley through July sold 55,172 vehicles to buyers across Ohio, up from 49,932 vehicles, or 10.5 percent, for the same seven-month period last year, according to a report from the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association.

The margin widened for the month with dealers selling 8,714 new and used vehicles in July, up from 7,350 vehicles, or 18.5 percent, from July 2018.

Separate reports from the dealers’ association for sales to only residents of the three-county region in the seven months show there was a 5.6 percent increase in sales, a 5 percent increase in new vehicle sales and a 6.1 percent increase in used vehicle sales.

There were 34,757 vehicles sold through July, up from 32,886 for the same time in 2018. New vehicles sold were 19,421, up from 18,484 and used vehicles, 14,784, up from 13,927.

Year-over-year in July, there was nearly an 11 percent sales increase in the region, from 4,971 vehicles in July 2018 to 5,511 last month.

Dealerships in Trumbull County with the most sales across Ohio in July were Sims Buick GMC Truck, 163; Klaben Ford Lincoln of Warren, 147; Toyota Volvo of Warren, 137; Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet, 131; and Diane Sauer Chevrolet, 104.

Dealerships in the county with the most sales in the region were Sims Buick GMC Truck, 154; Klaben Ford Lincoln of Warren, 136; Toyota Volvo of Warren, 125; Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet, 111; and Diane Sauer Chevrolet, 100.

The top new vehicle sellers in Trumbull County were Klaben Ford Lincoln of Warren, 88; Sims Buick GMC Truck and Toyota Volvo of Warren, tie at 86; Apostolakis Honda, 54; Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet, 53; and Diane Sauer Chevrolet, 46.

The top used vehicle sellers in the county last month were Sims Buick GMC Truck, 68; Greenwood Hubbard Chevrolet, 58; Diane Sauer Chevrolet, 54; Klaben Ford Lincoln of Warren, 48; and Toyota Volvo of Warren, 39.

Tops in the Mahoning Valley for sales across Ohio was Sweeney Chevrolet, 326.

New and used vehicle sales across northern Ohio grew in July with used vehicle sales selling a clip of three times greater than new vehicle sales, according to the dealers’ association.

There were 22,997 new vehicles sold in July, up from 22,214 vehicles, or 3.5 percent, from July 2018 with used car sales jumping 10.6 percent.

Louis A. Vitantonio, dealers’ association president, said sales are expected to stay robust, but in line with projections through the end of the year with consumer excitement growing as 2020 models begin to appear in showrooms.