Chevy Cruze sales drop

LORDSTOWN – Declining sales of General Motors’ Chevrolet Cruze haven’t dented the automaker’s overall new vehicle deliveries.

Last month, GM reversed the 24 percent sales drop the company posted in August. In a year-over-year comparison, the automaker reported a 12 percent increase in sales in September, delivering 251,310 vehicles in the United States. GM’s retail deliveries climbed 17 percent compared to a year ago, making September the sixth month in a row the company has increased retail market share compared to the year prior.

Company leaders said they are not too concerned about the recent declines in sales of the top-selling, Lordstown-built Cruze – deliveries of which were down 23.8 percent from September 2014 – as they prepare to roll out the small car’s next generation early next year. Last month’s deliveries came in at 14,032, compared to 18,415 a year ago. Cruze sales year-to-day sales were down 14.5 percent, from 208,114 to 177,970.

GM made its biggest impact last month with 170,675 Chevy models delivered, an 11 percent jump over last year. The Chevy Silverado held its spot as the top seller with 53,725 sales, a 7 percent increase.

GM also saw gains in its other brands with Buick sales increasing 5 percent, from 17,466 to 18,341; Cadillacs climbing 7.8 percent to 14,908 compared to 13,829; and GMC jumping 23.8 percent over last year from 38,269 to 47,386.

The country’s other two top auto manufacturers, Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler, also reported September sales increases.