Hop to local galleries for cool shows

Pete Vouvounas is one of 20 artists who submitted works for âCityscapes and Landscapesã at Art on Park in Warren. (Submitted photo)

Art lovers will have an excuse to hop to several galleries in Youngstown and Warren on Friday.

Spaces in both cities have new exhibitions opening Friday and will participate in the second Cool Summer Art Hop, presented by the Bliss Kids Collective and Modern Methods Brewing Company.

Artists who’ve designed labels for the Warren brewery’s cans and bottles will show their work in an exhibition opening Friday at Youngstown’s Art House on Elm and the brewery in Warren’s David Grohl Alley will host local artists and vendors for a Night Market from 7 to 10 p.m.

New shows at Soap Gallery in Youngstown and Art on Park in Warren as well as “Rainbow Visions,” the current exhibition at Coy Cornelius Gallery, also will be a part of the hop.

The Modern Method Label Makers exhibition originally was planned for January, said Sarah Braun, who started the brewery with her husband, Adam Keck.

“Last summer, we did our first Night Market with the Cool Summer Art Hop,” she said. ‘When we were looking to reschedule the show from January, we looked at dates and other things going on … It’s a fun way to highlight how much is happening on any given night in the summer. With Warren and Youngstown so close together, it’s easy to start on one end or the other.”

The Modern Methods Label Makers show will feature work by Steph Blair, Eric Alleman, Royce Umberger, Elijah DuPonty, Joe Gergley, Laura Garvin, Elizabeth Given, Amy Rigby, Alaina Woofter, Bob Veon, Jessica Matusky, Michael Duncan and Sarah Bokone.

“Definitely one of our favorite things about getting to package and can a lot of our beers is working with a lot of talented artists to add to the personality of the beer with the label artwork,” Braun said. “From the brewery side of things, we were a little nervous in the beginning — will it make us difficult to recognize as a brand not having as much consistency on the store shelf? But we thought it was something to try. We have this little mini canvas that has become something that people seek out and another reason to collect Modern Methods cans. It’s a fun way to add another layer of personality to the beer beyond the style and flavor and ingredients we use.

“And I think for the artists it’s fun to collaborate on kind of a unique commission-type piece. No one we’ve worked with said, ‘Yeah, we’ve done a label before.’ It’s another unique opportunity for their art to be showcased.”

William Danielson will display work created since 2003 in an exhibition opening Friday at Youngstown’s Soap Gallery. Danielson’s work has been featured in shows at area galleries, but this is the first exhibition to feature his photography, drawing and paintings under one roof, and his first solo show since 2010.

Also opening Friday is “Cityscapes and Landscapes,” the latest open, nonjuried group show at Art on Park in downtown Warren.

Curated by David Wheeler with gallery assistance from Joshua Kronauer, the show features submissions by Heather Anne Shuman, Rachel E. Hathhorn, Susan Griffin, Diane Beatty, Samandra Lynne, Leanne Lee, Pete Vouvounas, Jaqueline Vouvounas, Debbie Darrenbacher, Michele Shaffer, Alaina Woofter, Kim Floyd, Lindsay DeLullo, Sam Perry, Carmen Denno, Bonnie Loomis, Timothy Milliner, Sara Lee and Dovey Wuvey.

Friday’s opening reception from 7 to 10 p.m. also will include live music by Alexander Baldwin.

Participating venues for the Cool Summer Art Hop

Soap Gallery, 117 Champion St., Youngstown — William Danielson exhibition, Friday through Aug. 27 with opening reception from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday.

Art House on Elm, 906 Elm St., Youngstown — “Modern Methods Label Arts,” Friday through Aug. 26 with opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday.

Coy Cornelius Gallery, 1931 Belmont Ave., Youngstown — “Rainbow Visions” exhibition open from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday

Art on Park, 180 N. Park Ave. Warren — “Cityscapes and Landscapes” with opening reception from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday

Modern Methods Brewing Company, 125 David Grohl Alley, Warren — Night Market from 7 to 10 p.m.


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