‘Kink’ shows erotic, pieces

Artists will explore their kinks in a one-night-only art show at Coy Cornelius & Judy Rogers Studios.

“Kink” — The De Luxe Art Show on Friday will feature the work of 15 artists, and organizer Adam Gregory said the show grew out of the nude figure drawing classes he has organized through his visual arts group Ringleader Creatives.

“In discussions with a few of the artists at our figure drawing classes, I came to realize there are artists who had work they’ve never shown, basically because there’s no place to show it. Most of this work is a little bit more explicit, erotic. We decided, why don’t we just put together a show?”

While most of the artists are from the Mahoning Valley and western Pennsylvania, it also will include artists from Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Pittsburgh.

Participating artists include Sara Lee, Katie Tisler, Daniel Rauschenbach, Sam Perry, Sara Ciccarelli, Jacob Hostetler, Trev Tog, Olga Nagdaseva, Jennuhlee Dawn, Alex Infante, Jeremy Callahan, Paul Frazee, Rachel Clifford, Martin Class and Gregory.

Gregory, former director of the Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County, has been a regular participant in its Nude on Park exhibition (which originally was scheduled to open Jan. 29 but has been pushed back to Feb. 26), but “Kink” is a different kind of show.

“There’s a big difference between seeing a nude figure and kink or fetish art,” he said. “Everyone has a kink or fetish, something that gets them in the mood. They just don’t talk about it. This is a way to open up those ideas. This kind of art is becoming more popular, especially in the U.S.”

The event, which takes place on International Fetish Day, is designed to give viewers an insight into what inspired the artists and to reveal how they work.

In her artist statement, Dawn writes, “Trauma affects everyone differently and art has become my therapy. The sexual abuse I endured as a child and teenager has led me to have a lot of difficulty understanding my sexuality. This body of work reflects the different stages my sexuality has gone through from infancy to now. Each piece, a memory.”

“Everybody has a different reason why they create their art, which I loved,” Gregory said. “Don’t judge it for the content, judge it for why the artist created it in the first place.”

The evening will include a live figure drawing performance. Callahan, a photographer, will dress up artist / performer Clifford in his style while Perry and Rauschenbach create life drawings as Clifford delivers a series of short and long poses.

“This live performance is an experimental concept for all the creatives involved, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses throughout the evening,” Gregory said.

“Kink” runs from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, and admission is $5 at the door. No one younger than 18 years old will be admitted. Based on the initial reaction, Gregory doesn’t expect it to be a one-time event.

“Not only will it happen again, at least annual, but it will be larger,” he said.


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