Butterflies return to botanical garden

Return of the Butterflies opens Saturday at the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

More than 600 new emerged butterflies can be seen in the garden’s Costa Rica biome. The species of butterfly include eliconius melpomene (Postman), caligo eurilochus (Giant Owl), dryas julia (Julia Longwing), heliconius charitonius (Zebra Longwing), siproeta epaphus (Rusty-Tipped Page), catonephele orites (Grecian Shoemaker), morpho peleides (Blue Morpho) and siproeta stelenes (Malachite).

According to Jillian Slane, director of exhibits and experiences, “The sheer proliferation of butterflies is a memorable experience. You get to interact with them when you walk through the glasshouse. It’s a strong bond and connection to nature.”

A limited number of advanced reservations are available each day. Face masks must be worn in the interior and exterior gardens, 11030 East Blvd., Cleveland. For tickets or more information, go to www.cbgarden.org.


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