‘Orchids Forever’ opens in Cleveland

“Orchids Forever” returns to the Cleveland Botanical Garden on Saturday.

The 15th annual show includes hundreds of Phalaenopsis orchids and a towering orchid sculpture “Orchids in Bloom” designed by copper, resin and steel artists Mark Lagergren and Anthony M. Ball.

Eppig Gallery will feature a timeline of orchid specialization and exploitation as well as modern-day science and conservation. Clark Hall will have a conservation laboratory theme with orchids in test tubes and digital projections of orchids under microscopes.

Horticultural displays will showcase exotic plants all surrounded by narrative panels about orchid science. The Glasshouse rainforest biomes will highlight orchid species from the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia and Central America, transporting visitors from the northeast Ohio winter into a warm climate.

Over the course of the show, thousands of orchids will fill the galleries, hallways and glasshouses at the botanical gardens.

Classes will be offered during the run of the show, and orchids, orchid soil, fertilizer and orchid pots will be available for purchase in the Garden Store.

“Orchids Forever” will be on display through April 11 at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 East Blvd. A socially distanced one-way path will guide visitors through the experience. A limited number of advanced reservations are available each day. Face masks must be worn in the interior garden building.

Admission is $15 for adults and $10 for children ages 3 to 12. Orchids Forever tickets will be available cbgarden.org, and advanced reservations are required to control capacity for the safety of our members and guests.


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