LVRBOY longs for ‘Ohio Girls’

The latest single from Poland native Jordan DePaul is "Ohio Girls," released today under the name LVRBOY. (Submitted photo)

Jordan DePaul must miss Ohio.

Earlier this year, the Poland native, who now lives in Nashville, released a song called “Homesick.” Today, he releases “Ohio Girls,” and he came home last weekend to shoot a video for the song that will be released Oct. 8.

Those songs and others are released under the name LVRBOY, the persona he created to distinguish the indie pop sound of his current music from the more Americana-tinged indie rock he played as a solo artist and with his band, The Reputations.

LVRBOY was born in late 2018 after his first songwriting session with fellow indie pop artist STRUAN.

“I thought, ‘This is different. This is what I want all my songs to be like now,'” DePaul said. “The next day I went to my producer and said I want to start a side project — super hopeless romantic, super sadboy stuff. He said, ‘That’s you already, but I love the way you’re packaging it.'”

He spent most of 2019 working on new songs and debuted LVRBOY a year ago this month. COVID-19 canceled a spring tour (that would have included a local show) as well as a West Coast tour in the summer. Instead he’s focused his attention on writing while quarantined with STRUAN and another musician friend.

“All we did is write everyday,” DePaul said. “It was a super creative time. During the quarantine period until September, we wrote two records for me, two records for STRUAN, two for my buddy Michael and a bunch of songs in between. And I taught myself how to record … We can’t tour on them. Artists on my level, the only thing we can do is put out content so you don’t fall to the wayside.”

“Ohio Girls” is one of the tracks produced during the quarantine.

“I was kind of getting into these relationships that were hitting a standstill, romantic relationships where we weren’t seeing eye to eye,” he said. “I started thinking, kind of joking, that I wouldn’t have to explain how I was feeling to an Ohio girl. She’d get me. We’d have grown up with the same morals, liking the same things.”

He started singing, “Ohio girls, there’s just something different,” and STRUAN told him, “Dude, we got to write that.” They had a chorus in about five minutes and finished the song the next day. DePaul decided to post the song to his Instagram story, and the reactions from his female friends in Ohio was immediate.

“That’s when I realized it might not be a bad idea to put the song out,” he said.

And he couldn’t think of a better place to record the video than at Poland Seminary High School, where he graduated in 2008.

The song has a line, ‘We go out to the game on a Friday night,’ DePaul said, “And I thought wouldn’t it be sick if I sang that on the field where I played football.”

He reached out to Assistant Principal Michael Daley, who taught English when DePaul was a student, and got access to the school and the football field to shoot the video. He even recruited his fourth grade girlfriend, Jenna Forte, to play the woman in the video.

“I wanted someone who, one, I knew and, two, someone I was super comfortable with,” he said.

His cousin, dancer / choreographer Megan Cleland, shot the video, and DePaul spent Monday editing the footage. It will be ready for release next week.

He still wants to play a show in the Mahoning Valley as LVRBOY, but DePaul said he’s passed on a couple opportunities to play live in Nashville.

“Do you want your fans to come buy tickets and put themselves at risk just to make some money? My answer was no to that. I’m using this time to be creative. When we’re able to have shows again, that’s when I want to play.”


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