Cin Farina delivers ‘The Real Deal’

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• In some ways, “The Real Deal” is an album 45 years in the making.

Youngstown vocalist Cin Farina said, “I’ve been a singer all my life. I’ve been performing around here for 45 years. I decided this is the time.”

Farina, who currently fronts Cin City & the Saints and has sung with such bands as Jessica, Buckshot, Buns-up, Adult News, Bootleg, The Farina Band and Spoke Norton & The Wheelies over the years, released “The Real Deal” earlier this month and will play a CD release show Sunday at the Dash Inn, 2716 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown.

The CD includes nine rock originals, some written as far back as the 1970s and ’80s, and a cover of the Sam & Dave hit “Hold On, I’m Comin’.” Farina decided to include that track on the album because it was the final recording session featuring Hubbard drummer Phil Carroll before his death earlier this year.

Farina is a classic rock / soul / blues belter, but it was a different musical source that inspired her to become a singer.

“I listened to James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James” (album) and said to myself, ‘That’s what I want to do,'” she said.

Farina recorded the album at Youngstown’s Ampreon Recorder with engineer Pete Drivere, and it was mixed at Cauliflower Mixing Studio in Cleveland. She brought in a who’s who of local talent for the recording sessions — Carl Farina, Mark Scheuring, Pete Daigneau, John Burkard, Vinnie Richards, Mike Rebold, Ken Gibson, Jeff Spencer, Don Tanner, Jim Richley, Scott Gearheart, James Kohler, Jeff Weston, Matt Bower, Danny Shapiro, Larry Christopher, Joe Kalaman and Pattie Hood — and most of those players will be with her on Sunday.

She thanked the fans of Cin City & the Saints — known as the Crooked Halos — for putting together Sunday’s release show, which runs from 2 to 6 p.m. There’s no cover charge, and it will feature free food.

“These people come out and see us week after week,” Farina said. “They’re absolutely wonderful people. They’ve become like family.”

“Shivers,” a monster art show by Youngstown artist Chris Yambar, originally was scheduled to close this weekend, but it has been extended through Nov. 30 at the Soap Gallery, 117 S. Champion St., Youngstown.

Yambar is adding 60 additional images to the show from his Dia De Los Muertos / Day of the Dead collection, inspired by the work of Mexican artist Jose Guadelupe Posada.

They join pop art paintings inspired by horror movies from the silent era as well as “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” “Dark Shadows” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

• What’s the most popular horror movie in Ohio?

According to the website Comparitech, it’s the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” from 1984.

The site crunched data from the Internet Movie Database website and Google trends to determine the favorite movie from each state.

Several states opted for films with local ties — “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was tops in Texas, “The Shining” spooks Colorado horror fans and Pittsburgh-shot “Night of the Living Dead” is the favorite in Pennsylvania. And “Nightmare on Elm Street” director Wes Craven was born in Cleveland.

Surprisingly, Maine moviegoers didn’t pick a flick based on a Stephen King book. Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” is the winner there.

Andy Gray is the entertainment writer for the Tribune Chronicle. Write to him at agray@tribtoday. com.


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