MVHS plans open house

Mahoning Valley Historical Society will have its 144th Founders Day Open House from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday with many free activities and a focus on the Mahoning River.

According to MVHS Executive Director Bill Lawson, “This annual event gives the community a chance to look back on its deep history and reminds us all how resourceful and resilient the Mahoning Valley has always been. One good example is the Mahoning River, which we are featuring this year. From early settlers recognizing the area’s potential, to decades of economic and industrial development, to the important work of reclamation and recreational enhancement, the river has shaped who we are as much as we have tried to shape it.”

Admission to Tyler History Center, 325 W. Federal St., Youngstown, will be free during the open house. This gives visitors access to the following exhibits — “The People of the Mahoning Valley: Stories of Identity and Innovation,” “The Rayen Mural” and “On the Banks of the Mahoning: How the River Shaped the Valley.”

The other MVHS facility, Arms Family Museum on Wick Avenue, will be closed that day due to the activities at the downtown Tyler location.

One Founders Day Open House activity includes a Local History Fair, where many local or regional historical societies, museums and groups will display information on attractions and events for their respective organizations. Friends of the Mahoning River, partnering with MVHS for the day’s tours, will also have a special display featuring the work of the nonprofit group.

MVHS Archivists will give an overview of the two-dimensional collections and services provided in the Archives Resource Center. There will be family-friendly games and ice cream making in tribute to Harry Burt, inventor of the Good Humor Bar.

Light refreshments will be on sale throughout the day.

Walking tours focused on the Mahoning River will leave from the Tyler History Center at noon and 2:30 p.m. Sunday.


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