Kenny G is everywhere

Well traveled musician turns up at Packard

Kenny G has a way of turning up in the oddest places.

So far this year, he has serenaded Kim Kardashian on Valentine’s Day (at the request of husband Kanye West) and played the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with the band Chon.

He also got a shout-out in a story on the website Market Watch about how people listening to slow, calming music were able to take smart rational risks with their investments compared with those listening to techno or no music at all.

Perhaps those going to see the saxophone player Saturday at Packard Music Hall can take their 401(k) statements and boost their retirement income while listening to smooth jazz.

Kenny G might not be a bad person to talk to about investment advice. While the music business is filled with stories of artists who lost their fortunes with bad investments, the Seattle native was an early investor in Starbucks (he’s even claimed credit for suggesting they add to the menu the drink that became the Frappucino).

Maybe the strangest place Kenny G has turned up this year is on the shelves at Target. No, not in the shrinking music department but in toys. The major retailer now sells a board game called Kenny G: Keepin’ It Saxy.

According to the description on Target’s website, “In this cooperative game, players work together to make sure Kenny stays smooth and saxy through a hectic day. During each round, players will play sound cards to help Kenny overcome uncool events, detangle his luscious locks and avoid rush hour traffic without missing a brassy beat. No jazz playing in the elevator? Scat with your friends and a ‘Biddle Scoodily Bop’ can get Kenny back in the groove and keeping it smooth and saxy.”

It sells for $19.99.

Of course, there would be no Keepin’ It Saxy board game if it weren’t for a 43-year professional career that started as a member of Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra.” He also has recorded with such vocalists as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole.

As a solo artist, he has sold more than 30 million albums and is best known for the Grammy-winning hit “Songbird.”

Kenny G does have a new album in the works, which would be his first since 2015’s “Brazilian Nights.” He told Rolling Stone earlier this year that he tends to take his time in the studio, and there is no release date set.

“This one is called ‘New Standards.’ It sounds like the old jazz standards from the 1950s and ’60s, but they’re new songs that I’m composing, so they have my melodic sense, and I’m playing them the way that I like to play, and I’m trying to honor the old jazz greats as well as making sure that it still sounds like me.”


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