TAG expands clay program

Trumbull Art Gallery is expanding its clay educational classes with the help of a donation from Ronald McDonald Charities of the Mahoning Valley and Western Pennsylvania.

The downtown Warren gallery received a check for $10,605 to cover the cost of four kilns of varying sizes and to improve the ventilation system in the basement, where the classes are taught.

“Last month we had 429 kindergarteners here from all four Warren schools,” Gallery Director Pat Galgozy said. “Their favorite thing of all was downstairs when they were working with clay on the wheels down there.”

When TAG started the clay classes in the basement, it was with used equipment that had been donated.

“They could burn out at any time,” Galgozy said. “This really expands for us what we can do down there, especially with young people.”

TAG will be able to offer increased accessibility to those classrooms within the next month. Work is under way to install a lift at the gallery to make the basement handicap accessible. The work on the shaft is complete, Galgozy said, and they are waiting for the lift installation.

The final cost of the project will be between $40,000 and $45,000, and the money was raised through grants and private donations.

“The clay program is immensely popular, and with the lift even more will be able to come,” she said. “We have people from Fairhaven, Earth Angels Farms, lots of places, who can’t do steps and are waiting to take those classes. That’s all age groups.”


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