Labra Brothers release ‘Colder Weather’ CD

Release party to be held Saturday

When the forecast comes from the Labra Brothers, “Colder Weather” brings songs that are groovy, funky and heavy in vocal harmonies.

Brothers Adrian (lead guitar and lead vocals), Cristian (bass and vocals) and David (guitar, saxophone and vocals) Labra will celebrate the release of its full-length debut with a release party Saturday at Westside Bowl.

“Writing and recording these songs has inspired us to continue writing and continue to push against our outer limits,” Adrian Labra said. “We’re eager to get to work on our next recording endeavor. Our favorite aspect of this project has been the collaboration. Teaming up with Todd Maki (local producer, recording engineer) has been the best decision we possibly could have made for our first LP. Aside from his wonderful personality, Maki has a superb ear and a wildly creative musical mind.

“We are extremely fortunate to have also had the chance to work with Dave Lynn (local producer, guitarist). Lynn’s involvement was a huge asset, both in songwriting and during the recording / mixing process.”

Lynn’s guitar work can be heard on the single “For Real,” which is available on streaming services.

The brothers are joined in the band by Bob Young on drums, Matt Hayes on percussion and Danny Svenson, on keyboards. “Colder Weather” also includes contributions from Kyle Youmans on baritone sax, Mike Barkett on trumpet and Scott Burns on cello.

The songs on “Colder Weather” are centered around one cohesive theme, Adrian Labra said.

“Lyrically, each of the songs on the album either attempts to shed light on something in the world that has (in our view) gone wrong, or expresses one’s desire to change direction in a life-altering way,” he said. “The title track is a song about the emotions you might find when running into an old flame.

“Musically, we feel that we have stayed true to our musical upbringing. Most of the songs on this album have a funky or Latin backbone, and a couple of the tracks branch away from that foundation and step into the realms of soul and hip-hop.”

The influences on the record range from Carlos Santana on “For Real” and “Sin Solucion” to Bill Withers on “Colder Weather” and “Never Gonna Change.”

“You can also hear the influences of Los Lonely Boys in the songs ‘Alternative Facts’ and ‘Morena,'” Adrian Labra said. “The Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe is evident on the song ‘U and Me.’ With that said, we are confident that these songs have taken on a unique style of their own.”

The band helped finance the album through a crowdfunding campaign that started last year. “Colder Weather” will be available for purchase on CD and on all major streaming platforms starting Friday. A vinyl release is planned for later this year.

“We needed to prove to ourselves that we could see this project through to the end. It was an important step for us to finish a few songs that we had left incomplete on the back-burner, and get them recorded on a shareable platform.”