Theater troupe presents Sherlock Holmes tale

Another mystery is afoot at the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library.

Local Sherlock Holmes aficionado Donald Novorsky adapts Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter” for a reader’s theater production on Saturday. It is the eighth Sherlock Holmes story presented by Novorsky and the troupe.

“We’ve worked through the important ones, but I’ve got a few more that I really would like to do,” Novorsky said.

Many of the actors are reprising their roles from past productions, but a new casting opportunity inspired this year’s story choice.

“This is the story in which everyone meets Mycroft (Sherlock Holmes’ brother),” Novorsky said. “I found a perfect person to play Mycroft, so we decided to take advantage of it.”

Novorsky plays the famous literary detective with James Laux as his loyal friend Dr. Watson and Gary Roddy as Mycroft. The rest of the cast includes Courtney Wilcox, Rachel Hatthorn, Ellen Saker, James Jordan, Matthew York, Allan Purdum and Clint Elston.

In this tale, Sherlock tells Watson that his brother’s powers of deduction may surpass his own, and he occasionally consults him on certain cases. This time it’s Mycroft who needs his brother’s assistance as they come to the aid of a Greek interpreter given a mysterious assignment and must hurry in order to prevent a murder.

Novorsky said he believes he’s gotten better at adapting the famous stories and has found ways to break up the long monologues, “When the the client comes in and tells his or her tale of woe,” making it more entertaining for the audience.

The actors are complemented with music and sound effects to create an experience similar to the radio dramas that were common in the pre-television era, and Novorsky said he will make notes throughout the year when listening to music for clips to include in the production.

The annual productions have developed a loyal audience.

“We do seem to get a good number of the same people who come back time and time again,” he said. “And I’ve got people I know from church who’ve been asking, ‘When are you doing another Sherlock Holmes program?’ There is a demand for them.”