Artists shed inhibitions, subjects shed clothes

Annual exhibit heats up Warren with Nude on Park

WARREN — The Fine Arts Council of Trumbull County will heat up downtown Warren after the coldest week of winter with Nude on Park.

The third annual exhibition focuses on the unadorned human form, and FACT Director James Shuttic said the artists are getting bolder in their submissions.

“It’s gotten edgier, more provocative,” he said. “Some of the artists have gotten more comfortable pushing the subjects they’re working with. (The first two years) there was an uncertainty of what we would show or what they could do.”

This year’s show will feature more than 50 pieces submitted by 20 artists, one more than in 2018. Each artist was allowed to enter up to three pieces for display in the non-juried exhibition, which runs for one night only from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Participating artists include: David Wheeler, Barry Burkey, Trisha Mullen, Shannon Fee, Jen Mong, Robert Johns, Josh Kronauer, Daniel S. Timko, Dave Karr, Jeff Vargo, Lucas Cummins, Josh Ford, John Mallozzi, Kavon Wright, Adam Gregory, Brian Camelli, Isabella Kellar, Julia Shuttic, Elliott Lengel and James Shuttic.

The subject matter is titillating, which is part of the exhibition’s appeal.

“Just the fact you call anything ‘nude,’ people get excited,” Shuttic said, but that’s not the only motivation behind it. “The whole reason we do shows like this and Dark on Park is to do something different and not compete with the existing shows.”