Superhero costumes don’t have to be expensive

With Halloween approaching, many kids and adults may be thinking of dressing up as superheroes.

However, the average person doesn’t have access to the tools that make the characters in Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes look so much like their film and comic book counterparts.

Shelby VanOphem, a wardrobe assistant with the touring show, said trick-or-treaters don’t need a big budget to be a true superhero.

“Remember, Peter Parker’s very first Spider-Man costume was a T-shirt and sweatpants,” she said. “You can draw a spider on a T-shirt and have a real Spider-Man suit.”

Even superheroes can get cold, so she recommended designing a costume that will keep the wearer warm regardless of the weather.

And the most important rule to remember for superheroes, according to VanOphem, “What’s on the inside is what counts,” said. “You can be a superhero no matter what you wear.”