Changes come throughout a lifetime

We keep hearing a lot of talk about returning to “normal.” But we don’t seem to know what normal will be like. The term “new normal” keeps coming up.

Many changes have taken place in the last several months. Some folks have not been happy with all of them, but we are told that they are for our health and safety.

When we think about it, change has been a fact of life for all of us since we became a part of this country. In my lifetime, I never thought I would see all the changes that have taken place.

Let’s look at television for example. The first TV I ever saw was when the neighbors invited us over to watch a program on their new TV set. The picture was a small, round one and was in black and white. It took about three minutes for the set to warm up and they had the choice of three channels. They soon learned what programs they liked on those three channels.

I’m not sure when we got our own TV. It was also in black and white. When we finally got our TV, we thought we had it made. Don’t ask me when we got a color set, but it was some time before we could afford one.

Today, we not only have color, but we can get so many channels to watch that we will never get to see all of them.

Let’s take a look at what has happened with our automobiles. My first one didn’t even have a heater. I added one as soon as they were available.

To dim the headlights, you hit a button on the floor of the car. When you wanted to make a turn, you had to hand-crank the driver’s side window down and stick your arm out to signal what you were going to do. Straight out said you were making a left turn and arm up said you were making a right turn. Or maybe you were just waving at someone

Today, cars come with turn signal levers on the steering wheel column. Bright and dim lights are usually on the same lever. You just need to remember how it is done.

Also, you don’t have to crank down the windows. Cars today come with buttons that operate power windows. They are great until one goes bad and you have to pay to have it repaired. Apparently, there is a lot of labor involved.

Also, on the steering wheel column is another lever that operates the windshield wipers. It takes some learning to use it because you have several speeds and other things it makes the wipers do, including washing the windshield. There are so many gadgets on that column that we sometimes think they forgot to put on the steering wheel.

Our car today is three years old and we still aren’t comfortable learning what all it will do. For example, it has “walk away door locks.” We’re never sure when we walk away if it is locking, unlocking or just making strange noises.

Someone asked the other day what my favorite fast food was when I was growing up. I had never heard of fast food. All our meals must have been slow food eaten around the dinner table when we were all together at home.

I really don’t know when I had my first food at a so-called fast food place. They were very different at that time. You parked out front and went in to get your food. That is not too different from the way it is today with the virus problems shutting down inside dining.

There are many other changes I could write about but space doesn’t. Pizza that we never had for example. Or Tribunes for seven cents each. We delivered them for a while and I think we got paid two cents of that.

Enough for today.


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