Keeping up takes too much energy

Some people tell me that I don’t keep up with the times. Given the difficult situation we are in in this country right now, I think most of us have trouble “keeping up with the times.” Many things change daily if not hourly.

When I was accused of being behind the times, they were referring to the fact I don’t have a lot of the electronic and other gadgets some people consider essential.

It is true I don’t have many of today’s things that are found in a lot of homes. I do have a cellphone, but it is an old -fashioned flip phone. It does everything I want it to do. That is, make and receive phone calls. It is smaller than most of today’s so-called smart phones and easier to carry in my pocket.

Granted, I can’t research some questions and it won’t let me GPS a location. But it is a lot less expensive with a much lower monthly charge so I am happy with what it will do for me.

Then there is this pesky computer. I am able to do OK with it to type and send these articles. It helps with my spelling and in making corrections and in saving what I have written. I can also change fonts and find out the number of words I have written.

It is also good to send and receive emails from friends and finding sources of information.

But go beyond these things and I can get into trouble.

Because our church is having services online these days with an empty building, we want to access the service on the computer. But after trying for over an hour, we still couldn’t get the service.

Talking with some friends later in the day, they said they could help us. We tried everything they suggested with no luck. About that time, I was ready to toss the computer out the window, except we got it new at Christmas and I need it to type these articles. But it can be frustrating at times or maybe it is because I’m not very intelligent about learning how to use computers.

Then there is something that should be simple but for me doesn’t seem to be. That is our programmable thermostat. We got a new furnace last summer that also included a new programmable thermostat.

The service man went over how to set it the way we wanted, but I had trouble making it function the way he did. So, I called them back twice to educate this slow learner and have been able to make it set the temperatures the way we want: cooler at night and warmer during the daytime.

Our car is three years old and I am still trying to figure out how to use some of the many features it has. It took about a year to get used to being able to start it without a key. The key just has to be in my pocket and then I can start it by pushing on the brake pedal and then the start button.

It has automatic locks and I am still trying to figure out just how they work. They are a nice feature but don’t always seem to work the way they should. I had them checked at the dealer and they work right so it is not the locks that are the problem, it is me.

We don’t play the radio much because it will get so many stations and programs that I get confused. I find it distracting and not safe to fuss with.

I do have trouble keeping up with the times and today’s dangerous times make it more difficult. We are staying home, not having much company and our son Dan buys and brings in our that we need.

So, you stay home and avoid that virus!

Parker is an independent writer for the Tribune Chronicle and is professor emeritus, The Ohio State University. Contact him at jbparker149@gmail.com.


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