Think of each other now

Fear is an expectation of danger that may be lurking and waiting to strike. Such is the coronavirus that has turned the whole world upside down.

They say that the elderly or senior citizens are much more susceptible to this villain that has no friends. A lot of us are in that category.

It also strikes every other age group. We do live in fear.

Maybe we have been spoiled down through the years because of not ever facing such a disease in our lifetimes. Science has yet to find a cure or vaccine.

People are trying to stay safe by buying and even hoarding the items that are used in the safety of their homes … toilet paper? Really?

We must think of each other in these times of fear. We must survive this crisis.

Daily updates from the Ohio Department of Health show hundreds of confirmed cases in Ohio, and dozens in the Mahoning Valley, of this dreaded disease. The numbers go up daily.

There is a constant reminder of this calamity in all news outlets, telling us what to do and not to do. The governor has ordered us to just stay home.

Sometimes it is confusing as many doctors and politicians are opposites in their approach to this pandemic. Sometimes like the old song says, “A little less talk and a lot more action” is what is needed.

Some people find statements such as “flatten the curve,” confusing. Do you?

Testing seems rather slow, along with much needed equipment like masks, respirators and ventilators, beds and all protective gear and much more. Can we produce those items faster?

We are constantly reminded that we are a superpower and that no one is greater than we. The greatest country in the world! But look at what is happening.

Recently it was suggested that nurses wear scarves and bandannas in place of dwindling supplies of surgical masks while caring for our stricken. That is so hard to believe. There is also a call out for homemade stuff to replace items needed. Do you believe?

I realize this is a real crisis and I hope I don’t sound too negative, but I am just repeating words from our leaders and the media. We don’t want this to lead to panic, but it could if not handled appropriately.

They also say that a recession is already here due to the massive unemployment caused by the virus, and that recession could lead to an economic collapse.

Fear prevails. But our own resilience must be in place to counter the storm.

We cannot expect a cure or a new vaccine for up to two years, so they say. More fear.

Ohio is on lockdown.

I saw that spring-breakers hit the beaches with the sun and the surf. I thought we were to practice social distancing. Does this send the wrong message? They have no fear.

We also have heard of price gouging for the items that are not available, such as protective gear, which is criminal at its best.

In the sports world, everything is canceled and could be a whole summer without baseball.

Now, I realize that what I have just said in this piece is nothing new, but I emphasize our own fears during this crisis.

So please try to stay cool, be safe and healthy without fear and do your best for you and the rest of us. We all have a role, and each must play his or her part. God bless.

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