American history isn’t being taught in schools

Supposedly most schools in Mahoning and Trumbull counties — and schools throughout the entire country — just don’t teach American history anymore.


Patriotism at one time was at an all-time high when all schools presented a curriculum that included American history and even world history. But now, very few schools participate in history subjects.

This is all worth observing as not only our children but adults as well, along with even some of our politicians, don’t have the slightest idea of the founding of our nation and who was involved — which I believe is terrible.

I remember years ago on the old Jay Leno show, he conducted “man on the street” interviews asking participants easy history questions. This was all comedy of course, but some of the answers were unbelievable. We really should know James Madison from Jimmy Hoffa, and Dolly Madison from Dolly Parton. This seems unbelievable, but is it true?

History is no more than a record and knowledge of events from the past. With all the problems of our country at present, shouldn’t we, as citizens, at least know the basics of the formation of our country and our founding fathers and the many wars fought and remembrances of those who gave their gallant lives for our country?

I just read a report that states that students anywhere from high school down to fourth grade are sorely lacking in knowledge of American history, and that only 13 percent of the nation’s high school seniors showed proficiency in their knowledge of American history. It is very sad when students don’t know how many stars are on our national flag.

Even if there were many history classes within our school curriculums and students had their choice in subjects, would they choose American history? It seems students these days prefer classes on how to make money. Can we blame them?

There is also much disagreement about our past these days, with people saying we sort of cooked the history books with nontruths and unproven facts. We know also that none of us are perfect and even our founding fathers were not gods. They developed this great nation, though.

Some of the negatives from our founding fathers is that most of them were slave-holders while talking so much about freedom. It took the Civil War to finally begin giving everyone those freedoms.

February is Black History Month and maybe people like Frederick Douglass with his contributions to our country should be discussed more thoroughly in our American history books. He was an abolitionist who fought for slavery freedom and women’s suffrage. He also believed in equal rights for all.

Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr. should be a big part of our American history to go along with the stories of our founding fathers.

It seems that the Broadway Play “Hamilton” woke people up about American history and the many characters who have entered and exited in our American system of government. That play alone presents a sellout crowd with interest and entertainment and consumed knowledge that was thrust upon us like a history book. A welcome sight!

I said at the beginning of this piece that SUPPOSEDLY very few schools teach American history in Trumbull and Mahoning counties. I would like to hear from you and from the schools that do, in fact, teach American history. Let’s hope that we do know the difference between Dolly Madison and Dolly Parton, and know how many stars are on the American flag.


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