Grandpa’s favorite fish tale

We’re headed into the main part of summer with weather that can be hot and sticky. It’s time to turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the cooler, less humid home that some of us enjoy.

It took me back to years ago when I was growing up and we didn’t have air conditioning.

At night when it would cool down, we would sleep, or try to, with the windows wide open and no pajamas on. During the day, we had some floor fans to keep the air circulating, which would help keep us feeling cooler.

Doing some house cleaning recently, I came across a paper my granddaughter Molly had written in grade school. I’m not sure what grade she was in but her article was well-written. It also took me back to one of the things I used to enjoy when I was growing up — going fishing.

Let me share with you what Molly wrote. It was titled “Fishing, An Interesting Experience.”

“I like fishing. I’ve only been three times, but I like it. The last time I went fishing, I went with my grandpa. He took my brother and me to Camp Whitewood, a 4-H camp in Ohio. My great-grandma used to run it and my grandpa helped start it, and my mom and my aunt used to go there.

“Anyway, my grandpa, my grandma, my mom, my dad, my brother (Pat) and I went to the dock by the lake and we started to fish. My brother and I each had a fishing pole, and my dad and my grandpa helped us get set up. Pat wasn’t squeamish. He stuck his fingers right into the cup and pulled out a fat juicy worm. I tried, but every time I got my finger around a worm, it wiggled and I let go of it.

“So my grandpa baited my hook and I did the actual fishing. Pat caught the first fish. He pulled on his line until the fish came out of the water and on the dock. He held it up and my mom took a picture. My dad held the fish and Pat took the hook out of its lip. But when he went to drop the fish in the bucket of water, it wiggled out of his hand and back into the lake.

“Then I caught a fish. My mom took my picture and my fish landed safely in the bucket of water. We kept fishing for a while. We caught lots of fish, but we let them go, emptying the bucket after two or three fish.

“Towards the end of our trip, I caught a fish like normal. My grandpa held the fish and I pulled the hook out of its lip. Then we dropped it in the bucket. But when I knelt down to bait the hook again, the fish jumped out of the bucket and onto my leg. I was so surprised I almost fell in the lake. Instead, I jumped up and the fish fell in.

“When my heartbeat finally returned to normal, we decided it was time to go. We packed up all our gear headed home. That was the most exciting fishing trip of my life.”

Then at the bottom of her article, Molly wrote: “Hi Grandpa, Hope you liked my story. When I turned it in, it was black but I am sending it to you in green — for fish talk. Talk to you soon. Love, Molly”

Yes, this was one of life’s memories for me and I enjoy having the article that Molly wrote. I will give it a special place in my files.

Parker is an independent writer for the Tribune Chronicle. Reach him at 149woodside@twc.com. He thanks Molly for her contribution that she wrote many years ago.


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