How do you use your paperclips?

Someone needs to tell me what happened to summer and fall. It seems like they just disappeared with no notice.

It could be that my more advanced mature age doesn’t let me keep track of time very well (saying my advanced mature age is just a fancy way of saying I am getting older). At any rate, summer is gone and now it is time to face whatever winter will deal us.

During these colder months, I do quite a bit of reading. Other than the news, weather and one or two other favorite programs, I’m not much of a TV addict, but I do like my morning paper and several other favorite magazines.

Right now, I am also doing physical therapy two or three days per week, still trying to get my strength back when I took an antibiotic that caused many problems with my legs. It has been a long struggle, but I know I have to keep working to get back to doing what I was able to do.

In my reading, I often come across some interesting items that cause me to wonder about them. For example, recently I came across a study about how paperclips are used.

Now I don’t know why it was necessary to study the use of paperclips but apparently someone felt it was important.

From the study, only one in 10 paperclips is used for what it was intended to be used. That is to hold paper together. The other nine are used in various ways or lost.

These jobs included using them to clean your teeth, a dangerous and unsanitary use. Or they were used to clean dirt from under finger nails, another not very clean use.

Some men, when they had lost their tie clasps, would use them to hold their ties to their shirts. That is an old-fashioned practice because today most men don’t use tie clasps. We are in a much more informal time in the way men dress these days.

The study indicated that some clips are used for game chips or fastened to a rubber band and used as a weapon.

Apparently some are used to be twisted into various shapes to relieve nervous tension.

Also a large number of paperclips are just plain lost. They may eventually show up in the cracks and chair. Your desk may hold a fair number that have escaped being used for their original intent.

So this enlightening study about how paperclips are use may be very valuable to you. I haven’t figured out how I am going to use it other than not worrying about why my supply of them keeps going down when I am not using them.

Speaking of worrying, I came across a definition of worry — “using today to clutter up tomorrow’s opportunities with leftover problems from yesterday.”

I’m not sure what that says to you, but to me it says let go of yesterday’s problems and concerns and start all over today to be able to deal with new challenges and opportunities.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to worry about things that are not likely to happen. Or they may be things that we are able to handle without much trouble.

Some people are able to let life move along smoothly without seeming to worry much. Others of us just have to worry about some things. We can’t help it.

Perhaps we need to take a look at what the Bible says to us about worrying. It contains some good advice.

Parker is an independent writer for the Tribune Chronicle. Contact him at 149woodside@twc.com