The getting is good when you get it on sale

As we glance through newspapers and mail ads requesting our attention to the great sales that are forthcoming in stores and businesses, we sometimes are in awe.

Just what I need, a $2 watermelon, a case of bottled water for $1.50 or perhaps a bottle of White Zinfandel wine for $3, or maybe even a 12-pack of Old Drunkard Beer for $6. Sounds great!

There are always reasons for items to be on sale, and there are many.

Perhaps in vegetables and fruits and even meats the “sell-by” dates are close to expiring and the stores just need to get rid of the stuff, like right now.

This is not always the case, but could be. Maybe the company just sold to another company and is over stocked.

In the automobile lines, when the 2019 models arrive, naturally, the dealers want to get rid of the 2018 model so they can showcase the new models. The big sales are on!

Some goods are just slow moving, and a sales pitch or two might be the thing to entice buyers to come forward.

New store opening sales have always been a guise to bring people into a new building with sales galore, and perhaps keep them coming into this fresh building with a high luster interior and a real feel for the customers. Is this psychology?

Seasonal clearances are always a good reason for sales. You may have noticed Halloween candies and costumes and pumpkins and so much more are already on display. Aren’t we still in September?

Thanksgiving food items and the like will be out in October, and, of course, we will see Santa and all of his gang in November (if not sooner), accompanied by Yuletide music of carols echoing throughout most department stores. Don’t forget Rudolph.

Naturally, when Halloween is over, those items will be on sale. People looking ahead for next year’s creepy day can soon snag those bargains. That goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. If you want good deals for next year, wait until after the holiday and go for it!

In the clothing line, in our dear old Ohio, summer clothing is practically all gone. It will be hard to buy a new swimsuit if you are going to the islands or Florida or even Mexico. But if you can find them, they should be on sale. That goes for all beachwear and other items of our favorite season. Where can I find a beach umbrella?

It gives us all the shivers to see winter apparel on the shelves already, as there are still sunny skies and even warm nights. Maybe stores will tease us for a bargain on tossel hats, boots or even mittens and gloves, or perhaps a sweater for your favorite pooch, plus Browns and Steelers and Ohio State and Youngstown State paraphernalia on sale.

Do you really believe that?

Going out of business sales are always great for shoppers. They usually are well-advertised with phrases like, “This is your last chance until Oct. 30” and, “Act now!”

Then they naturally extend the sale, and maybe because sales are so great, they may decide not to go out of business after all. Really.

They say that to be a sensible shopper is to know what you want before you even think of shopping, and please don’t purchase an item that you absolutely do not need just because it is on sale — like maybe a snow shovel when you live in a third-floor apartment!

But sales can be a good thing and you may find unbelievable bargains. Happy shopping!

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