Thanksgiving 2021 — ‘It’s always something’

I don’t know if you remember her. Anyone under the age of, hmmm, let’s say, 21 isn’t likely to recognize her name. Or her photo. Or even her hideous hair.

Well, not her actual mane but the motley mop of her arguably most iconic character: Roseanne Roseannadanna.

It’s difficult to describe Roseanne’s particular crazy, coiffured concoction, even for a competently chatty chick.

My own hair harkens back to that horror. I’ve got the same, stop-sign shaped, dirt brown, dry, flyaway hair situation that is as regrettable as Roseanne’s. Really. On any given day, it looks like there’s a crow’s nest is comfortably circling my cranium.

Whatever. I’m quickly approaching my mid-50s, so it’s not like I care at this point, anyway. Well, maybe I care a little. Courier me conditioner coupons chop-chop, chums?

I digress.

Back to gone-to-soon Gilda Radner, who sadly passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of just 42. In her day, and even now, she was considered one of the greatest female comedians of all time.

To get back to Gilda’s fluffy-furred funny face on “SNL,” she portrayed the recurring contributing correspondent on the show’s weekly fake news update segment. This was back when fake news was literally fake news, as in, it was nothing more than comedy, yo.

She’d forever lament: “It’s always something!” This infamous catchphrase became her standard opening to rant ridiculously and uproariously on topics about which she was deeply, consistently and zealously passionate.

And about which, like clockwork, she’d veer off course. Like way, as in Christopher Columbus compass confusion, capisce?

Poor Roseanna. I’m surprised she never wound up in the Bermuda Triangle. Which was shaped remarkably like her hair.

I digress s’more. Speaking of s’mores, yum! Er, I mean, speaking of digressing, hers makes mine look planned.

It was something of an entity unto itself. Sort of like Thanksgiving itself which, believe it or not, is my actual topic today.

And hopefully, every day.

As author of the blog “One Grateful Girl,” the joyful mom of the best kid on planet earth (and wife of his dad, natch), one humbly happy member of the big blue ball’s best fam, and the absolutely unworthy and oh-so-indebted pal of so many incredible humans — this old gal is pretty darned thankful.

Every. Single. Day.

The Big Guy’s been and continues to be far better to me than I deserve. Period.

So today, a few special shoutouts.

Thank you to my Mom and all my family members and real friends for standing by me these last few challenging months. You know who you are and I adore you. I am beyond appreciative that you have supported me during some of the darkest days I’ve experienced since losing my Pop, with which I still struggle daily. #MissYouDad

Thank you to Steve Wloch, my brilliant buddy who took time out of his busy day recently to help me reconstruct my life, er, PC programs, et al, after a hellion hacker wreaked havoc on my virtual life and laptop.

Thank you to my friends / editors Burt Cole and Marly Reichert, who have been a pillar of strength during a period of suckiness.

And most importantly, thank you, God, for your constant care on a clueless chick who may not always understand timing or plans, but always believes in you — and that good beats bad every day of the week.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend and official holiday happiness season, everyone!



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