‘Second son’s’ wedding fills air with amore

My Sentiments Exactly

Anyone who knows me knows that Kyle Kimerer is the light of my life.

He’s my heart and soul — my baby boy. He’s the best parts of both Kerry and yours truly. Only way better on all counts.

He’s charismatic and handsome and funny and brilliant and kind and incredibly wise. Objectively speaking, natch.

He is faith-filled and loyal and honest to a fault. He’s my Pop reincarnated. He’s my rock.

He’s my kiddo and, hands-down, my No. 1 top pick human.

Also, he’s gonna kill me when he reads this. In fact, I can feel his eyes hard-rolling at me in Buffalo from here.

All my proud mom rambling irritates this kid. Meh, it’s a risk I’m just gonna go ahead and take, a’ight?

Bottom line: My son is, quite literally, everything to me. He’s my favorite 20-something male, hands down and no question. Period. End of story.

Well, mostly. Maybe 3/4 of the story.

Because, and again, anyone who knows me also knows that with PK, there’s usually at least a little bit more to the end of the story, yo.

Call me Paula Harvey. Hee.

See, there IS this one other 20-something male whom I absolutely ADORE. In fact, he stole a huge part of my heart on the very day we met, his birthday, April 4, 1998.

Exactly 30 years and one week after his favorite Aunt Patty (moi) was born.

Note to all of Scott’s other aunts: I said that, he didn’t. Because that’s not something my nephew Scott would say. In fact, he would NEVER intentionally hurt the feelings of another earth-dweller. Or those of any of the other planets, either. My nephew / second son Scott is simply one of the kindest-hearted people on the third rock.

Which is why, when he married Annie, the absolute love of his life this weekend, I was proud and happy and elated and excited and overwhelmed and thrilled and excited and OVER THE MOON.

See, if I could’ve hand-picked a new family member and someone fabulous enough to be marrying my second son, I could never have found anyone more perfect than our sweet Annie.

To say that I’m happy for these kids and LOVE LOVE LOVE that Annie is our newest family member would be an understatement of the most severe sort.

All I can really say is, welcome to the fold, my sweet new niece.

I pray that God blesses my beloved Scott and Annie with a lifetime of health, happiness and AMORE.

No one deserves it a-more. Congratulations my loves!

— Kimerer is one proud aunt who clearly can boast on her babies with the best of ’em. Contact her for more mushy feels via www.patriciakimerer.com


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